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Q: What year was warder elementary built?
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When was Richardson elementary school built?

Richardson Elementary in Tucson, Arizona was built in 1980, that's when it was also in business.

When was Skaggs Elementary built?


When was rock springs elementary built?


An anagram for warder is?

The Anagram for warder is drawer

When was Laurie Warder born?

Laurie Warder was born in 1962.

When was Marie Warder born?

Marie Warder was born in 1927.

When was Warder Cresson born?

Warder Cresson was born in 1798.

When did Warder Cresson die?

Warder Cresson died in 1860.

How tall is Odette Warder?

Odette Warder is 5' 4".

What was the first school ever to be built?

the Mather Elementary School was the first school ever built

When was Carthage elementary school built the elementary school is in nc?

i don't know go to the library and look in a book

When was Douqlas Stenstrom Elementary built?

I know that I am 25 and went to Elementary school there as well as my Sister who is now 29.