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What year was your 25 automatic mfg serial OD1095836?


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2008-12-14 14:23:48
2008-12-14 14:23:48

Might have an extra diget in serial number but either 1973 or after.

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You forgot the serial number.

Would need the serial number to answer.

Your browning sweet sixteen shotgun dates to the year 1954 with the serial number that you provided. has sn information.

You will need to include a serial number to have your question answered.

No serial number provided.

if you have a letter 'C' after the serial number then mfg. date would be about 1960

Need serial number to determine year of mfg. Look under the tang.

With the serial number that you supplied,your Winchester model 1892 rifle was made in the year 1905.

You did not provide the serial number. You will need to call or visit the Browning web site.

Between April-May of the year 1965,with the serial number that you have provided.

your browning sweet sixteen was made in 1934.

What is the year of mfg. of FN pistol Model 1910, with serial number 583500

1948, a little over 33,000 were made that year.

If you have a Gov. Model .45 (1911) with the serial number 350268, it was mfg by Colt, and made somewhere between May-Oct, 24, 1918. It fell in the serial number range 290,000 to 450,000

With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 1906 was made in the year 1909.

that depends on the year of mfg. the code changed frequently

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