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Q: What year was your Ithaca model 37-featherweight sn 371411449 produced?
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When was a 22 LR Ithaca Model X-5 Lightning made?

Ithaca produced this model between 1958 and 1964.

What is the age of a Ithaca hamerless double barrel shotgun with a serial number of 91318?

It sounds as if you have a Ithaca Crass model shotgun,that was produced in the year 1903 by your serial number.

How do you tell which years different Ithaca model 37 20 ga shotguns were produced?

By the serial number.

What years were the Ithaca Model 51 Featherlight 12 gauge shotguns produced?

hattaway,john c.

How do you disassemble an Ithaca Model 49?

how do you disassemble a model 49 ithaca 22 rifle

What year was the Ithaca shotgun serial number 10464 made?

A model 37 with the serial # 10464 was produced in 1939.

What is the age of your Ithaca 12 ga double serial number 267416?

By your description,it sounds as if you have a Ithaca model Flues double barrel shotgun that with that serial number was produced in the year 1914.

What is a Ithaca model 37 featherlite 12 gauge pump bought in 1937 worth engraved with pheasants and pointer 95-98 condition?

Most all the Ithaca Pump model 37 were Engraved with 3 ducks and on the other side Pointer Flushing out 2 pheasants. It a common engraving we all see on Ithaca but you have an 1937 model like I do ,I have one as well with a serial number 2493, believe me they are worth keeping because that was the 1st year Ithaca made the Model 37 they only produced 3,500 shotgun in 1937

Did Ithaca by SKB ever import or produce a field model 500 or 600 in 410 gauge?

Yes, both models were produced in 410.

What is the model and year of an Ithaca side by side 12 gauge shotgun with a serial number of 447774?

If the shotgun is a hammerless double, it is a Baker Model produced in 1899 (per Dixie Gun Works, Ithaca Serialization Guide) That serial should be a 1926 production NID.

What is the date of manufacture of a model 37 Ithaca SN 604349?

The serial number indicates Ithaca manufactured your Model 37 in 1956.

Custom crafted shotgun by skb for Ithaca model 100 side by side?

I have an Ithaca model 100 shotgun . It appraised for $700.

What year model Ithaca 1911AI searal 1234346?

your 1911 was made by Ithaca in 1943

What is the age and value of an Ithaca model 37 16-gauge pump shotgun serial 621040?

1956.....#'s 602,000-652,000 were produced in 1956.

How much is a Ithaca model 37 shotgun in fair condition worth?

how much is an Ithaca model 37 shotgun worth in fair condition

When was a Ithaca 16 gauge double 260034 made?

You have an Ithaca Flues model made in 1915

What is the age of Ithaca side by side serial138286?

You have an Ithaca sxs Miner model made 1907.

How do you know how old your Ithaca gun is?

You can tell how old your Ithaca gun is by the model and serial number

What is the value of a Ithaca model 72 saddle gun?

A used Ithaca model 72 saddle gun in excellent condition is worth around $500.

What is the manufacturing date of the Ithaca 22 caliber model 72 lever action?

This model was manufactured from 1973 to 1978 by Erma Werke in West Germany for Ithaca.

Ithaca model 500?

Ithaca 500 model shotguns were imported by SKB (japanese manuf.). They are currently selling on for $600-$1200 depending on condition.

Can you put an older Ithaca Model 37 12ga trigger group with the ability to slamfire into a modern Ithaca?


How old is a Ithaca double barrel shotgun serial 354979?

Its an Ithaca Flues model made in 1921

What is the age and value of an Ithaca Model 87?

Historical Overview of the Ithaca Gun Co. says that in 1987 Ithaca Acquisitions, Inc. Moved the gun making operations to King Ferry, NY. and changed the model m-37 to model 87. In 1996 Ihtaca gun Co. LLC changed it back to model 37.

How old is an Ithaca double barrel 16 gauge serial 149853?

You have an Ithaca Miner model made in 1907