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My Winchester was made in 1895,and was used in Spanish-American war and my Aunt had it fitted for a scope for target shooing competion and for fun.

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Q: What year was your Winchester made WC 41081?
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When was a Winchester model 94 serial WC 18964 made?

You have a Winchester Commemorative rifle,which is the buffalo bill model.This was made in the year 1968.

How old is a Winchester serial number wc 86398?

The WC prefix to your serial number indicates that you have a Winchester model 1894 Buffalo Bill commemorative rifle which was made in the year 1968.

When was a Winchester model 94 serial number WC 93302 made?

Your Winchester model 1894 Buffalo Bill rifle was made in the year 1968 with the serial number that you have provided.

How Old Winchester Model 94 buffalo Bill serial WC 13885?

I have one, it is said they were made in 1968. One year only. 140,000 or so were supposed to have been made.

What is the value of a 30-30 Winchester Buffalo Bill serial WC 88197?

If your Winchester is new in the box and unfired it is selling for 575 dollars.

What is a Winchester 94 WC worth?

before you can establish a value you must have a serial# and condition of the rifle in your question.

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