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In 2001 celebrating the Christmas event.


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Christmas...........on the first year of 2001 they had a Christmas event and everyone got Christmas crackers who completed

Tom Smith made christmas crackers in 1846.

It is unknown the exact year that Christmas crackers were invented. However, the earliest documentation of them was from the early 1840s.

Tradition says that Christmas crackers originated in London, England. Thomas J. Smith created them. The year was 1847.

They were added on the 25th of December 2001, as a part of the christmas event

Christmas crackers were available on all worlds.

every year on runescape around Christmas eve Christmas crackers fall all over the runescape land. to get these rare items you have to get up very early and find the Christmas crackers before someone else due's. inside the Christmas crackers are Christmas hats. these are very valuable

Christmas Crackers are significant the United Kingdom as they were first invented there in the 1850s. Since then, Christmas Crackers have become a regular Christmas tradition.

about a million or more or less

Because their name specifies them as "Christmas" Crackers. Hence they are for "Christmas".They're just a bit of fun, which is what Christmas is all about

Some brands that have luxury Christmas crackers include: GoCrackers, Tatty Devine, Liberty Superior Crackers, Great British Crackers, Red Joy Crackers, and the King of Crackers.

The original name for the Christmas 'Cracker' is 'Cosaque' made by Thomas J Smith who invented the Christmas Cracker

In rhyming Cockney:Christmas crackers = knackers (testicles)Christmas crackered - knackered (worn out, exhausted, broken, etc)Click on the link below for more infoChristmas or cream crackers is rhyming slang for knackers (testes) eg the ball hit me right in the Christmas crackers.Christmas Crackered (not crackers) is rhyming slang for knackered (or tired)

Because they make a loud 'crack' when you break them. Animal crackers are 'crackers' in the shapes of animals, many brands of which are sweetened. There is debate about whether or not animal crackers are actually crackers or cookies. They are like crackers due to the way they are made, with layered dough, but the ones made with sweetened dough are more like cookies. The original version, made by Nabisco in 1902, were crackers in decorative little boxes meant to hang on Christmas trees.

No there weren't, but it was during the Christmas Holiday season that Tom Smith the inventor of Christmas crackers saw his biggest sales, because the crackers contained sweets and love mottoes that people gave out during the holidays over 150 years ago. Today Christmas Crackers are still going strong.

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None. The Christmas Cracker was from a holiday event in the past; no more Christmas Crackers are being produced.

Paper hats from Christmas crackers.

The 2001 Christmas event was when the party room had a drop party with the crackers and when they were opened up you would get a party hat.

There is no way to produce new Christmas Crackers, so you can only buy it from another player. That's precisely why they are so expensive.

Thomas Smith invented christmas crackers in 1846

we the English have Christmas crackers and the french don't

One can get Christmas crackers in a lot of general food stores. These crackers are usually offered only during the winter season, but one can probably find them online during a different season.

Absolutely Crackers is a company based in Milton Keynes that sells Christmas Crackers Online. See their link in related links.

about 400 billion cracker made in a year through out all of the brands

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