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Depending on what body parts you are needing, the 70-72 should fit. This would include the GTO and the LeMans.

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Q: What year will fit a 1972 Pontiac gto body parts?
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Will a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am front clip fit a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

No, the body styles are different.. 1999 is the year when Pontiac came out with a new body style... therefore usually most/all prior year parts cannot fit onto the new ones.

Which car was better the Chevrolet Nova coupe of the year 1972 or the Pontiac Le Mans coupe of the year 1972?

The Pontiac LeMans would be my choice. It is slightly larger and more luxurious. The Pontiac engine was also a better engine than the Chevy.

Are 1973 and 1972 super beetle body parts interchangeable?

Some of them are, but 1973 is the year VW changed to the curved windshield in the Supers so some of them are NOT.

What is the best catalog to order parts for a 1972 Chevy Nova?

year one. or i prefer classic on stock parts on race parts

Where can I find a 1972 Pontiac Le mans Vacuum Hose Diagram?

try a chiltons repair manual from the library for your year vehicle.

Can you use any year super beetle drivers fender on a 1971 super beetle?

No. 1971 and 1972 Supers used different body parts than 1973 thru 1975 Supers.

Where can you find manuals online for Pontiac firebird?

I think Year 1, makes parts for that car, so they probably would.

What other vehicles will Chevrolet Celebrity parts work on 1988?

Your question is too broad to have a real specific answer. Some parts may exchange with other members of the A body production that year, Pontiac 6000, Buick Century and Oldsmobile Cierra. Some engine parts could interchange with Chevy S10, but not the entire engine.

Are the body parts of a 2001 Pontiac Montana interchangeable with any other years or models?

For the most part, yes. a 2001 Montana will be compatible with Chevrolet Venture ('97-'05), Oldsmobile Silhouette ('97-2004) and Pontiac Montana/Pontiac Trans Sport ('97-05) Also, if you're going to a junk yard for parts, keep an eye out for Buick Terraza, Saturn Relay, Chevrolet Uplander & Pontiac Montana SV6. These models range from year 2005 to 2010 (Not sure what year Buick & Saturn ceased production) Many parts are interchangeable with your 2001, with the exception of the rear tail light, front fenders, hood and nose clip assembly For example, the power sliding door from a Buick Terazza year 2008 will easily fit and work with your 2001 Pontiac Montana. Hope this helps.

What year was the Pontiac's rebellion?

Pontiac's rebellion was in 1763.

What is The year the computer was founded?

1972 1972 1972 1972

What year body parts interchange with a 2000 Ford Excursion?

Look up the 2000 Ford Excursion in the parts catalog and compare "body exterior" part numbers with other year Excursions and Ford pick-ups to see which parts are interchangeable.

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