What year will sharks become extinct?

Never. And anyone who says they will is a fool or a liar. Shark populations in countries with overprotective catch limits on sharks and their prey are EXPLODING! In countries or waters with no limits and overharvesting, some species are being pushed to the limit. But, there is no risk of total extinction. In fact, America is faced with an overpopulation of some species which will hurt other fish populations and shark populations. NOAA NMS HMSD actually pulled a date out of their lower colon, 2070, when all shark populations will magically return to pre1980 levels. Funny how that date is the same magical date they used for the ozone layer to be repaired (even though we never damaged the ozone layer since holes always existed in it). Makes you wonder about the reporting you have heard doesn't it???

Ken, the Shark Wrangler, www.sharkwrangler.com