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Never. Nibiru does not exist.


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There is no planet Nibiru. It is a myth, so any depictions of size or color would be fiction. (see related link)

The world is not coming to an end, and the planet nibiru is not going to hit the Earth. The world does have lots of real problems, which I would generally categorize as political, economic, and environmental, and these problems may get much worse, but the world will nonetheless not come to an end. What is this 'Planet Nibiru'? Not one of the usual ones in our solar system.

No. Nibiru is a mythological planet-like object associated with an apocalypse. Supporters of the Niburu myth claim that Nibiru somehow appears near Earth every 3000 or so years. The major "prophet" of Nibiru mythology, Nancy Lieder, claimed that Nibiru would collide with Earth in May 2003. She also suggested that all people put down and eat their pets. She later retracted her claim, saying that it was a ploy to throw the government off her scent, saying that if she disclosed the actual date of the disaster, it would give governments time to enforce martial law to keep citizens from escaping 'doomsday.'

No one did. It doesn't exist. Planet X means a planet without a name. And if nibiru or planet X was going to hit us it would take up 75% of the night sky and we would have been able to see it since 2003

First of all, Nibiru doesn't exist. Second of all, there are eight planets now that Pluto has been demoted, so Nibiru (if it existed) would be the ninth planet.

Question answered at April 14th 2011. If Nibiru existed, it would already be visible

None. This hoax about Nibiru and Planet X isn't true.Anything big enough to wipe out the earth would have been spotted by now and probably since 2002.

No. Believers of the Nibiru Cataclysm Theory claim that Nibiru, a large, planet-like object, has some sort of 3600 year orbital period with relation to Earth. The founder of the "theory," Nancy Lieder, claimed that Nibiru is a terrestrial planet four times Earth's size. She claimed that she knew this because of psychic powers she received from a communications device implanted in her brain by large grey aliens called "Zetas," which supposedly want to warn Earth of its oncoming doom. Lieder's original prediction for the collision of Earth and Nibiru was May, 2003. She claimed that the perihelion of comet Hale-Bopp was a ruse, to draw attention from the approach of the titanic (for a terrestrial) planet. When no cataclysm occurred, she removed her original posts about it on her website (including on that suggested people should put down and eat their pets in preparation for the disaster). When asked about it, she claimed that it had been a ruse of her own, to throw of the government. She said that if the world's governments knew the true date of the cataclysm, they would have time to enforce martial policy and effectively massacre their citizens (she gave no explanation for why this would be done). Since its founding, the Nibiru Cataclysm Theory has snowballed into several pseudoscientific cults, some of which have incorporated religious beliefs into the original "theory." Many do not even acknowledge the original founding, and some even claim support for it in religious texts. As for the origin of the idea for "Nibiru," it has much less theatrical beginnings. 'Nibiru' is the term assigned to Jupiter by ancient Babylonian astronomers. Since the reawakening of curiosity about the idea of a large planet that can cause disaster, many planets, and other objects, have been purported as "Nibiru." People have claimed the planets Ceres, Neptune, Pluto, Eris, and Sedna are Nibiru, simply mislabeled. Other cults have now decided that Nibiru is not a planet at all, but is an enormous star (the star V838 Monocerotis is often referred to by followers of the myth as Nibiru). The title "Planet X" is a not, despite what many say/think, out of ignorance, a reference to "Nibiru." Supporters of the myth have claimed that "Planet X" is the name that NASA has given to Nibiru, as part of a cover up (they have explained the denial of Nibiru's existence by astronomers as a large conspiracy). However, the term "Planet X" is an unofficial nickname given to new planet candidates that don't have a name, before a permanent title is assigned. Pluto was once referred to as "Planet X" before being named 'Pluto.' "Planet X" no more refers to a specific planet than "John Doe" refers to a specific hospital patient. Regarding the ancient Mayan calendar, Nibiru is not suggested, except by conspiracy theorists, to be related to the dreaded apocalypse of 2012. The Mayan calendar was organized into a series of "Creation cycles," or ages. It marked 4 ajaw, 4 k'ank'in, December 21, 2012, as the end of a creation cycle, and therefore the beginning of a new one. There was no prediction of disaster. The idea that there will be some sort of catastrophe in 2012 is simply another pseudoscientific speculation, resulting in a modernized myth. Media, particularly Hollywood, has made great advantage of people's doubts and suspicions about an ancient prediction, resulting in even further confusion. This has, as can be expected, been incorporated into parts of the Nibiru doctrine, resulting in claims by some cult members that the rumored disaster of 2012 will be either a collision with or a passing over of Nibiru. In synopsis, no, absolutely no evidence whatsoever suggests that Earth is going to collide with anything, let alone something as large as "Nibiru" (which would be as large in the sky as the sun, if it really were going to collide with us anytime soon, assuming it could exist). All empirical evidence currently suggests that Nibiru is simply a pseudoscientific myth, and that Earth is completely safe from outside threats.

According to his calculation, their return coincides precicely with the Mayan calender Baktun end date; 2012. That was when he deduced their 3,600 year orbit would put them closest to Earth again. Many astronomers now are certain they have found Nibiru, their star, mistakenly thought of as their planet. They live on the three planets revolving around it, Nibiru is their brown dwarf, apparently. These astronomers think Nibiru will be here by the end of 2011, about November 8th.

No. Nirbiru does not exist. Even if it did, the passage of a planet-sized object would not significantly affect the Oort cloud.

if you weighed 100lbs.on earth how much would you weigh on your planet

Planet Earth is where I live.

That would be the planet known as is our planet earth

Recently, there have been a lot of false myths spread about a strange planet called Nibiru that comes through the solar system every 3600 years and causes major destruction, but these are just myths without any scientific evidence to back them up. Here are some of the false claims about Nibiru and explanations about why they're false: # Nibiru is the size of Jupiter -- We have observed dwarf planets on the far edges of the solar system thousands of times smaller than Jupiter. If something as large as Jupiter was out there, it would be easily visible to amateur astronomers worldwide.# Nibiru is bright like a second sun -- Do you see a second sun shining in the sky at night? No, neither do I.# Nibiru will pass by us on December 21, 2012 -- In order for Nibiru to get to us in the next 4 years, it would have to be closer than the orbit of Saturn, making it easily visible in the sky. # Nibiru can be seen at location 05:34:30,-02:10:13 in Microsoft's telescope program -- First take a look at Jupiter, that is the size and brightness of object you are looking for. Then go to those coordinates, and see what you think.# The inhabitants of Nibiru are Gods that created humans on Earth # Nibiru can't be seen right now because it's behind the Sun -- The Earth keeps moving around the Sun in our orbit. Anything that's behind the Sun now would be visible in a month. But the claims about Nibiru being hidden behind the Sun have continued for years. This also contradicts the coordinates given in item #4. # You can only see Nibiru from certain places on Earth -- All objects in the southern sky are visible everywhere in the southern hemisphere of the Earth, and in part of the northern hemisphere as well. Similarly, all objects in the northern sky are visible everywhere in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, and in part of the southern hemisphere.# NASA set up an observatory in Antarctica to track Nibiru -- Antarctica has the advantage of high altitude and dry air, but you can't see anything there that can't be seen in the rest of the southern hemisphere (see previous item) and Antarctica gets continuous sunlight from September through March, making an observatory completely unusable for half the year. Also, the coordinates given in item #4 are in the northern sky, not visible from Antarctica. Nibiru is the ancient Akkadian name for the planet Jupiter.

Nobody actually "found" Nibiru. It was first reported by Nancy Lieder, who claims to be in psychic contact with aliens, but these are simply delusions. Nibiru does not exist. Speaking in religious beleifs, Jesus spoke to his desciples about the planets and the stars and Nibiru. So, If you are religious, this would be your answer.

Nibiru is (in the Akkadian language) the name for Planet Jupiter, So it does exist.As planet X or doomsday 2012, no reputable investigator recognizes the existence of any such body. It doesn't exist.The technical concept from Babylonian astronomy doesexist.If you are referring to Nibiru the "doomsday" planet hypothesized by Zecharia Sitchin and others, there is no such thing, and no "mainstream" astronomer recognizes such an object because there is no evidence it exists. Any large planet in the solar system close enough to affect us would have been discovered long ago. Any images or videos of such a planet you might see on the internet are simply hoaxes or something else entirely.

It would have to be the earth as it is the only planet that we know of that is capable of supporting life.

Venus is the nearest planet to Earth.Mars.That would be Mars, followed by Venus.

Yes, Nibiru is a myth. Supporters of the Nibiru cataclysm cult and its variations often claim that the scientific community's denial of its existence is some sort of cover up. However, there is no evidence of Nibiru's existence beyond the word of a possibly mentally imbalanced "psychic" named Nancy Lieder, who claimed that Nibiru was going to crash into Earth in May 2003. She also suggested that people put down and eat their pets. When Nibiru failed to crash into Earth, or appear at all, she withdrew her claim, and said that she made it in the first place to throw off the government. Her reasoning is that if the world's governments were to know of the actual date of the Nibiru disaster, they would be able to enforce martial law, and would keep citizens from somehow escaping the disaster, all part of some grand conspiracy. There is no evidence of the rational mind to support such claims.

The planet would not exist as the entirety of the planet is composed of minerals.

In real life, no aliens are known to exist, Sorry. It is fun to pretend, isn't it? In real life, there is no planet Nibiru. It was made up so that people could laugh at the gullible people. Also, to sell them books and such. The same people who got ripped off during the various Planetary Alignments, the Millennium, and Y2K, are now getting ripped off by Nibiru con men. If there were a Nibiru, its light and gravity would have both been detected long before now.

Humans already fare quite well on planet earth.

Believers of the Nibiru myth claim a myriad of things about Nibiru. What is said of it varies from person to person. The founder of the Nibiru Cataclysm Theory ('theory' is an honorary title, in this case, as it doesn't even have enough evidence to be called a hypothesis), Nancy Lieder, originally claimed that Nibiru was going to crash into Earth in May 2003. She also encouraged people to put down and consume their pets, as a way to "prepare" for the disaster. Later, when no obviously no disaster occurred, she withdrew her claim, stating that it had been an elabourate ruse to confuse the government. She also said that if Earth's governments knew the actual date of the cataclysm, they would enforce martial law and massacre their citizens. (Lieder's sanity has come under question in the past, as she also claims to be a psychic, in communication with gray aliens called "Zetas," who supposedly gave her the Nibiru story). Since the founding of the myth, Nibiru followers have developed into many cults, each believing something different. Some claim there will be a collosal collision between Earth and Nibiru. Some believe it'll just amiably pass by our solar system.There is no scientific evidence of Nibiru at all, so the only real "solution" is to ignore it, and ignore those that might attempt to convince you of it. It is not a real problem, so it doesn't really need a solution.

There is NO planet that has a temperature even close to the Earth.The closest would be Mars with a max of -5oC

Venus has the closest gravity in comparision with Earth at 0.88. On Venus, you would weight 0.88 what you weigh on Earth. The next closest planet is Saturn, at 1.12.

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