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From 1964-1975 and 1978-1979

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Who was the first host of jeopardy?

Art Fleming hosted the Jeopardy Game show when it began as a daytime show in 1964. Alex Trebek is the only host of the current syndicated Jeopardy nighttime series of the show.

Who were all the host of jeopardy?

Art Fleming and Alex Trebek

Who all hosted jeopardy?

Art Fleming was the first host of Jeopardy, and Alex Trebek became host when Jeopardy was brought back in 1984.

Who was the announcer on Jeopardy from 1960 to 1970?

Don Pardo was the announcer and Art Fleming was the host.

Who was the host of Jeopardy before Alex Trebek?

Art Fleming was the host of the original Jeopardy gameshow that ran from 1964 - 1975 during the day. Due to flagging ratings because of its poor daytime time slot, the show was taken off the air after the 1975 season. In 1978, it was resurrected as The All-New Jeopardy again with Art Fleming as its host and again airing during the day. It only lasted one season. The first Jeopardy with Alex Trebek as host was aired on September 10, 1984 in its present evening time slot.

How long has the game show Jeopardy been on?

The show first ran with Art Fleming as the host from March 30 1964 until January 3 1975. There were also a couple other Art Fleming version between 1974 and 1979, The Alex Trebek syndicated Jeopardy first aired on September 10 1984.

Who has hosted jeopardy?

Alex Trebek and Art Fleming

Who was the original host of jepordy?

The original host of Jeopardy! was Art Fleming. He helmed the podium from 1964-1975 and again from 1978-1979 with both versions airing on NBC.

Who was the original host of the TV show Jeopardy?

The original version of the show from March 30 1964 was hosted by Art Fleming.

Has Alex trebek always hosted jeopardy?

No When the show started in 1964 there was a different host, but that was a earlier version of the show with Art Fleming as host. The new version started in 1984 and Alex Trebek has been the host since then

How long has the television game show Jeopardy been on the air?

Art Fleming hosted an earlier version of Jeopardy which first ran in the daytime on NBC from March 30, 1964 until January 3, 1975. Alex Trebek host a syndicated version of Jeopardy which has aired continuously since September 10, 1984

Who was the Jeopardy emcee in 1960's?

Art Fleming from 1964-1975 and 1978-1979

How old is Art Fleming?

Art Fleming was born on May 1, 1924 and died on April 25, 1995. Art Fleming would have been 70 years old at the time of death or 91 years old today.

Who was the announcer to jeopardy in 1960's?

Don Pardo narrated and Art Fleming presented from 1964 until 1975

Who hosted the TV shoe jeopardy?

Both NBC versions and the 1974-75 syndicated version were hosted by Art Fleming ^_^

How tall is Art Fleming?

Art Fleming is 6' 4".

How long has the gameshow Jeopardy been on TV?

The original Jeopardy show hosted by Art Fleming came on the air from March 30 1964 until January 3 1975 A new syndicated Jeopardy Hosted by Alex Trebek has aired continuously since September 10 1984.

When did nobody finish above 0 in jeopardy?

It apparently happened at least once, maybe twice, on the original Art Fleming version. Because nobody could play Final Jeopardy, Art talked to the contestants to fill the time normally filled by Final Jeopardy. It is not known to have happened on the current version.

When was Art Fleming born?

Art Fleming was born on May 1, 1924.

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