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What years did crescent firearm company make the smithsonian double barrel shotgun?


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A few years either way of the turn of the century

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It is a shotgun not a rifle- and Crescent was bought by Savage in 1931.

Yes. Smithsonian was the trade brand name used by Crescent Fire Arms Co. and later Crescent-Davis. The distributor/retailer was H & D Folsom.

Smithsonian was the trade brand name used by Crescent Fire Arms Co. and later Crescent-Davis. The distributor/retailer was H & D Folsom. Likely production in the 1900-1925 time period. No relation to the Smithsonian Institute.

Yes, a shotgun is classified as a firearm.

Yes, a 12 gauge shotgun is considered a firearm.

The Knickerbocker was made by Cresent, but under the Folsom House Brand. A great recourse for shotgun information can be found in a book called "The Golden Age of Shotgunning" by Bob Hinman. GK & Associates, LLC

A shotgun is a firearm. A revolver is a firearm. A pistol is a firearm. A rifle is a firearm. If you want even more specific -- A Remington 1187 is a firearm (shotgun). A Smith and Wesson 686 is a firearm (revolver). A Sig Sauer P226 is a firearm (pistol). A Colt 6920 is a firearm (rifle).

Wesley Richard was an expensive shotgun. "A Richard" is likely an inexpensive shotgun manufactured by the Crescent City company sold with an expensive sounding name.

No new parts would be available, but a competent gunsmith could probably make one.

There's not much information about any particular Crescent firearm, but the company operated from 1892 to 1932 as a subsidiary of H&D Folsom Sporting Goods. The company produced millions of single and double barrel shotguns with over 100 different trade names. Crescent was purchased by the Stevens division of Savage Arms and merged with another purchased company as Crescent-Davis for a few years and then disappeared into the Stevens operation.

WH Davenport (1891-1910) and Crescent (1893-1932).

Your Marlin model 21,which was the straight grip version of the model 19 shotgun,was made from 1906-1907 by the Marlin Firearm Company.

Your shotgun was made by Crescent Fire Arms Company and store branded by Van Camp. 50-150 USD at the most.

go to then look under misc. shotguns the fore arms are $25.00 i just ordered one myself

When someone utilizes a firearm (pistol, rifle or shotgun) to kill themselves.

I have a complete 90% Crescent 12 ga 100,00 yours..

Yes. It was one of the Brand names that is under the Cresent Umbella. has a list of name under which crescent shotguns were sold.

It is when you fire the rifle or shotgun, but the projectile fails to leave the barrel of the firearm.

What is the Model, Serial Number and date of the Crescent Firearms shotgun which you want a value on?

"The Berkshire" by Meridan Firearms "Berkshire No. 3000" by Crescent Firearms Contrary to popular belief, not the same company.

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