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Q: What you called linseed in German?
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What is linseed called in Tamil?


What is a mixture of whiting and linseed oil called?


What is the meaning of linseed in marathi?

The word "linseed" is called "जडितेल" in Marathi. It refers to the seeds of the flax plant, which are commonly used for their oil content in cooking and as a dietary supplement.

What is a mixture of linseed oil and mastic varnish or turpentine in oil painting called?

Magilp or Megilp

What can you pronounce for linseed in Hindi?

For 'linseed' we pronounce 'Alsi or Teesee' in Hindi.

Give you the gujarati name of flex seed?

Flex seed is also called Linseed Seed and in Gujarati it is called alasi seed.

Why is linseed oil not used for oilstone?

why i linseed oil not used on oil stones

What is the difference between double boiled linseed oil and boiled linseed oil?

Double boiled linseed oil contains extra chemical additives that boiled linseed oil does not have. These chemical are added to help with the drying process.

Why do you have to use linseed oil to knock in a bat?

We use linseed oil because it soaks into the the bat and makes it moist and knocking in becomes much easier but make sure to use raw linseed oil and not boiled linseed oil. The bat does not soak boiled linseed oil. Raw linseed oil not only increases the life of the bat but also makes the performance of the bat better.

When did National Linseed Oil Trust end?

National Linseed Oil Trust ended in 1920.

When was National Linseed Oil Trust created?

National Linseed Oil Trust was created in 1885.

What do you add to linseed oil to dilute it?

For painting purposes, linseed oil is sometimes thinned with turpentine.