What you can do in Mexico City?

Everything you can think of. Mexico City is the largest city in Mexico, and it is the country's economic, political and cultural capital, compared to cities such as Tokyo, New York or Paris:

  • Mexico City has over 132 museums, being the city with most museums in the world.
  • It has several parks such as Chapultepec, Aragon, and Parque Hundido which are quite beautiful. Chapultepec is the most important park in the city, and it has three museums -- historic, natural history, modern arts -- a zoo, a couple of libraries and a couple of artificial lakes.
  • There are two important shopping and entertainment districts -- Zona Rosa and Reforma -- while downtown acts as a historical place; there you can see buldings such as the Aztec's Templo Mayor or the Metropolitan Cathedral.
  • The best transportation mode in Mexico City is the subway or metro, as it can take you to most places within the urban conglomerate.