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Gniit is not worth, now if u have compeleted it, my advice to u is to do MCA.

Even I have compeleted GNIIT and it didnot help me to get a job, bcoz without Graduation they do not offer u PP. and if u have compeleted graduation then u only get Job on basis of ur Graduation. well that's different thing i m talking about.

As u said u have compeleted GNIIT MCA is better for u.

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Is the GNIIT software engineering course good enough for standard IT jobs?

No.I don't think so.If u really want to grow up and want a handsome salary and good profile then it is better to do MCA instead of doing GNIIT

What should you do after BSc physics mca or MSc?

you can join MCA or Geoinformatice programme

Why should you do mtech after mca If there is no need to do it why should these universities give this chance to do mtech after mca please reply?

Most professors who work at Engineering colleges are MCA, ME degree holders...

You have done bca what should you do next?

After bca iam go for mca because mca is the best for next comming year . there are lot of job besd on mca so i gofor mca. and after mca we do self in IT sector

What should you do after BCA graduation?

i will do mca after bca

Is it possible to do Ph.D after MCA?

Yes, you can do Ph D after MCA and the condition is you should have minimun 5 years of work experience....

What should I do mca or MBA after doing bca very well?

If you are technically sound enough, then I would suggest to go for MCA.

Is it compulsory to do MTECH after MCA?

no it is not necessary that one should do mtech after having mca degree it is good and sufficient on its own. If you are interested in research work than you should opt mtech otherwise drop it. A large number of jobs are there after mca. all the best with your future..

Which one best MCA or BE IT?

BOTH ARE GOOD But Its completely depend on your interest. which area u like most. MCA is master degree that cover most of part BE IT. if u r creative minded you should do MCA!

You are doing 3rd year bcai dont want to do mca since it is 3 years is there any other cous other than this?

Hi, It's better to do any course from any institute like NIIT, SEED etc. They will provide you placement also.

Which college should you take for mca in uptu in general rank 8333 and hc rank is 44?

which college should you take for mca in uptu in general rank 8333 and HC rank is 44?

Which carrier after MCA?

what is the future after done mca and what stream to take after mca for get job

Which course are best after b.c.a?

i think u should go for mca...........

Is MCA first class eligible for Government College Lecturer?

it should be.....

Mtech with mca is eligible as a mca faculty or not?

yes its possible to be a mca faculty mca+mtech is enough according to AICTE norms

Is MCA best or MCOM best?


AICTE norms for Lecturer of MCA?

MCA WITH 2 year experience BE with MCA BE with ME all first class is the AICTE norms 2010 for MCA lecturer....

Who owned MCA Disco-Vision Incorporated?

MCA owned MCA Disco-Vision Incorporated

What is future in MCA digree?

what is the minimum salary of a mca?

When will mca 2nd sem results relesed?


Why mca is needed?

MCA is very useful degree..

Now a days which is best either MBA or MCA?


Anna university Mca question bank?

mca questions

Whats the syllabus for MCA from RGPV?

mp mca syllabus

Which course is best after mca?

.net is best afte mca.

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