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In Greek mythology Poseidon was the god of the sea.

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Q: What you would like to know is what was the name of the King of the Sea of Neptune in Greek Mythology?
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Was King Neptune real?

No, but he is based off the Greek god Poseiden (also known as Neptune in Roman mythology) who was the god of the seas. King Neptune is a cartoon character

What is the name of the Greek God that Neptune is named after?

The god is Neptune, king of the sea. But Neptune is not greek. The god of the sea in greek mythology is Poseidon. But Neptune it actually a roman god :P The Roman god Neptune is the same as the Greek god Poseidon, just with a different name. But the planet Neptune is named after the Roman version, not the Greek.

Who is King Neptune to Thor?

King Neptune is part of Roman Mythology, Thor is part of Norse Mythology. The two do not have any connection.

Who is the main god of Greek mythology?

The main god of Greek mythology would be Zeus, the king of the gods. for he is ruler of heaven and earth. he is also king of the world.

Who was the god of the sky and king of the gods in Greek mythology?

That would be Zeus. He was Jupiter in Roman mythology.

Where does King Neptune get his name?

From the Greek God Neptune-King of the Sea

Who was the man with the golden touch in greek mythology?

That would be King Midas.

Who is king Neptune?

Neptune is the Roman name of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. He was on the Greek side of the battle with Troy.

Who is the king of the winds in Greek mythology?

Aelous is the ruler of the winds in Greek mythology.

Who was the king of Ithaca and hero in greek mythology?

The most famous King of Ithaca would be Odysseus.

Where does Jupiter's name come from?

In Roman mythology, Jupiter, was the king of the gods. He is equivalent to Zeus from Greek mythology. He is said to be the son of Saturn, with brothers Neptune and Pluto. He is also the father of Mercury.

Who is the king of the dead in Roman mythology?

The king of the dead in Roman mythology was Pluto (who was Hades in Greek mythology).

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