What ype of lava does mt Krakatoa has?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What ype of lava does mt Krakatoa has?
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What type of lava is extruded from Krakatoa?

Krakotoa lava was known to be made of dacite or rhyolite. This explains the magnitude of the eruption. I hope this helped. :)

Is it called Mt Krakatoa or Krakatoa?

Either is correct. Krakatoa, or Krakatau, is a volcano near the Indonesian island of Rakata in western Indonesia, and it is also referred to as Mt Krakatoa.

Does Krakatoa make pillow lava?

No. Pillow lava is basaltic, low-viscosity lava. Krakatoa is a stratovolcano with a style of ereuption more characteristic of high-viscosity andesitic lava.

What island is mt Krakatoa on?

Krakatoa was on the island of Krakatoa. There is now a new island called Anak Krakatau.

Can mt Krakatoa be visited?


What city was mtkrakatoa in?

Mt Krakatoa isn't in a city it's on an island called........Krakatoa

When was the latest eruption of Mt. Krakatoa?


Does Krakatoa produce lava or pyroclastic flow?

Yes, of course Krakatoa has a pyroclastic flow. Every volcano has an pyroclastic flow, which can travel up to at huge speeds. Krakatoa's pyroclastic flow raced an amazing 200 mph over 20 miles of open sea. Yes Krakatoa has pyroclastic flows but not all volcanoes produce pyroclastic flows, only Mt. St. Helens type volcanoes usually composed of andesite. Kilauea for example does not produce pyroclastic flows because it is composed of basalt, the lava flows out easily.

When mt Krakatoa erupted did it effect your atmosphere?

Is mt kraktoa a famos volcano

Did a tsunami occur when Mt. Krakatoa erupted?

Yes. The majority of the deaths from the eruption of Krakatoa were from a tsunami.

Is Mt Krakatoa a hot spot?

Krakatoa is not associated with a hot spot. It is associated with a subduction zone.

Is the lava of Krakatoa AAA or pahoehoe?

Neither. Krakatoa mostly produces ash and pumice rather than lava flows. Those lava flows that do occur are block lava flows, indicating material more viscous than a'a or pahoehoe.