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I have heard rumors that he does live in Las Vegas and is married. That's all I really know.

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Why is Wayne newtons named Jerry newton in bonanza?

He isn't. It is Wayne Newtons older brother Jerry Newton who was on Bonanza

What is Wayne newtons real name?

His birth name is Carson Wayne Newton.

Does reggie Wayne have any brothers?

yes older brother names is Ralfrick Wayne and a deceased brother named Rashad Wayne

Did John Wayne have a brother name Shelby?

Wayne had only one sibling, his brother Robert.

Could John Wayne have had a brother named Curtis?

No. John Wayne had only 1 brother, Robert.

Do Lil Wayne has a brother?

he do

Is lil Wayne jzs brother?


Who are John Wayne brother and sister?

He had only a younger brother named Robert.

Is Lil Wayne brother with Lil twisst?

No Lil Wayne is Lil Chucky's cousin

Does Lil Wayne have a younger brother?


How old is lil Wayne brother?


Is Damon Waynes a Wayne Brother?


Does Lil Wayne have a brother or sister?

Yes, Lil Wayne has 1 brother and 1 sister. His sister's name is Anita, and his brother's name is Samaj.

What is lee Evans brother called?

wayne evans if you mean lee evans the comic

When did Wayne Gretzky Hockey happen?

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Is Lil Wayne brother dead?

i think so

Are Wayne Newton and Juice Newton brother and sister?


Who is Lil Wayne's real brother?

Big Wayne

Is Graeme Rooney Wayne Rooney's brother?

Yes he is.

What do the lyrics danka Shane in Wayne newtons song mean?

It's German for "Thank you very much".

Is lil Wayne lil chuckies brother?

Yes he is lil Wayne had said it before after the creatings of Bed Rock Yeah that he sees him as a brother they are not related in any way!

Does Wayne Rooney have a brother or sister?

Wayne Rooney has 2 brothers called Graeme and John but no sisters.

What happened to Wayne Nagin Michael Jackson's bodyguard?

Wayne retired around 2001/2002.

When did Siege of Fort Wayne happen?

Siege of Fort Wayne happened on 1812-09-12.

When did Battle of Fort Wayne happen?

Battle of Fort Wayne happened on 1790-10-18.