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12, 16, 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore. The 28 gauge is most rare, worth three to five times the value of the 12 gauge

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What is the value of a 12 gauge Heritage Model 37 Featherlight serial 383?

We've seen them offered at over $400, but they rarely sell for that. $350 is a realistic retail value for a Model 37 "Heritage" in excellent condition.

How do you identify if a 20 gauge Ithaca double barrel is a model 37?

A Model 37 is a "pump", so a double barrel could not be a Model 37

What year is Ithaca Model 37 serial no 370020922?

The Model 37 was mfg in 1969.

The MDX is a model of car offered by what auto manufacturer?

The MDX is model of car offered by the manufacturer Acura.

What year was the Ithaca model 51 featherlight serial number 371487645 made?

Well, first of all the serial number given is for a model 37 and not the model 51. All model 51s serial number begin with 5100. Since your begins with 37 would you not believe that it is a model 37. Your model 37 was mfg circa 1975.

How do you tell what model Ithaca gun you have?

easy Look on the barrel it should say if it a Model 37 , or Model 37 Featherweight, but the main Point is it should be on the barrel what Model it is

How old is a Winchester model 37 20 gauge?

The model 37 was produced from 1936 until 1963. They were not serialized.

What is the age of Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight 12 gauge serial 371431470?

Your Model 37 was mfg. in 1975.

What is the value of J Stevens Model 37 shotgun?

need information on stevens-springfield model 37 410 shotgun

What year was the Ithica model 37 featherlight serial number 371302975 made?

1973 - Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight

What year was Ithaca model 37 16 gauge serial number 371223796 made?

Your model 37 was mfg. in 1972.

What is the manufacture date of Winchester 12GA shotgun Model 37a sn C633190?

The winchester model 37-A was a reintroduction of the model 37 shotgun.these were made between the years 1973-1981.Winchester did not keep serial number records of the model 37-A. I am sorry but that is the best that I can do.

What year was Ithaca Model 37 serial 371090697 made?

The serial number indicates your Model 37 was manufactured in late 1969.

What is the date of manufacture of a model 37 Ithaca SN 604349?

The serial number indicates Ithaca manufactured your Model 37 in 1956.

How much is a Ithaca model 37 shotgun in fair condition worth?

how much is an Ithaca model 37 shotgun worth in fair condition

When was the 16 gauge Winchester model 37 single shotgun made?

The Winchester model 37 single shot shotgun was made by Winchester from 1936-1963.A total of 1,015,554 were made during this time span.This model was reintroduced in 1973 as the model 37-A and was made until 1981.No serial numbers were ever assigned to the model 37,as there was no law in place until the gun control act of 1968 mandating this.

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What is the age and value of an Ithaca model 37 serial 646703-4?

The Model 37 was mfg. in 1956. The -4 indicates FULL choke.

What year was smith wesson model 37 serial number k 81540 made?

No such serial number for a Model 37. Call S&W

Value of a 22 cal j Stevens model 56 buckhorn rifle?

If this Model 56 is a repeater (tubular magazine) circa 1935-37, I've offered in excess of $400 for one in good condition. Please let me know what you might have.

What is the difference between the Ithaca 12 gauge Model 37 and the Model 51 and will a 37 slug barrel fit a 51?

The Model 37 is a pump gun, and the 51 is a semi-automatic. I doubt seriously that the barrels are interchangeable, since they are totally different models.

Where is the serial number located on a Winchester Model 37 16 gauge shotgun?

The Winchester Model 37 was not serialized. It was the GCA (Gun Control Act) of 1968 that required all newly manufactured or imported firearms to be serialized. Production of the Model 37 ceased in 1963.

What is the value of an Ithaca Model 37 year 1957?

In May of 2010 I bought a 1951 model 37 for $200.00 in fair condition W/poly choke

How old is a Winchester model 37 20ga shotgun?

Model 37's were not serial numbered. It was introduced in 1936 and discontinued in 1963. A total of 1,015,554 were made.

Age of Winchester model 37?

The Model 37 was manufactured form 1934 through 1963. It was not serialized, so there is no way to pin down a specific year.