what's the volume of 1kg of air?

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Q: What's the volume of 1kg of air?
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What is the volume of 1 kg of air?

Under standard conditions (25oC, 1atm), the density of air is about 1.168kg/m3. Hence 1kg of air would have a volume of: 1.168kg/m3 divided by 1kg = 0.8562m3

Whats the weight of Spider-Man?


Whats the residual volume value?

Residual volume is the amount of air left in the lungs after a maximal exhalation

What is the volume of 1kg of Nitrogen?


What is the greater volume 1kg of copper or 1kg of gold?

Copper will have the larger volume because it is less dense than gold.

What is the volume of 1kg stone?

Without knowing the density of an object, it's not possible to calculate it's volume by weight. A 1kg piece of granite and a 1kg piece of igneous rock would be very different in volume.

Which will have greater volume 1kg of copper or 1kg of iron?

1 kg of lead has more volume And that's because lead is more dense than copper. A given volume of lead weighs more than that same volume of copper. It turns out that 1kg of something will weigh the same as 1kg of something else, though the two may have different volumes for that weight.

What tidal volume for a 1kg neonate?

10 ml

Why would 1kg of lead be less akward to carry around than 1kg of. feathers?

Because it is smaller in volume.

The density of a substance varies with samples of that substance?

no, because density=mass/volume; 1kg of iron = 1kg of flour isn't? density only affected by the mass and its volume.

Which is easier to lift in the air 1kg of steel or 1kg of feathers?

they're both one kilogram so....

1kg gold and 1kg cotton which is heavier?

Nooo, 1kg gold is heavier 1kg cotton, because the last one has much more volume than the first, so Archimedes force reduces weight of a cotton more!

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