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Whats Hannah montanas favorite song that she wrote?

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UNAVAILABLEi m not 100% sure but 95% i m sure her favourite song is "if we were a movie"
2010-01-04 10:35:29
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Which song is not Hannah Montanas song?

the song that she did not write is i got nerves her dad write her and her dad wrote best of both world HANNAH MONTANA IS A PU0P

What is Hannah Montanas lokker combnation in Hannah Montana wirles quest?

that can not be told. i have played the game many times, and the combo is changed every time. sorry to whoever wrote this question.

What is Hannah Montana favorite book?

Miles to go P.S. she wrote the book

What was the first song Hannah Montana wrote?

The first song Hannah Montana wrote was "Best of both worlds"

What is Hannah spelt backwards?

Hannah spelt backwards is Hannah obviously!its Hannah! Sdrawkcab tleps Hannah si tahw.

Who wrote who says by Hannah Montana?

Her dad wrote all the Hannah Montana songs but her mom helps with the Miley Cyrus ones.

Whats Jacqueline wilsons that she wrote?

well she wrote about cheese

What was Hannah Montana's first song she ever wrote?

The first song Miley's dad ever wrote for Hannah Montana was Best Of Both Worlds.

What is Britney Spears favorite song that she wrote?

Her favorite song she wrote was sometimes

What is Alex Wolffs favorite song he wrote?

His favorite song he wrote was All i needed.

What is dan gutman's favorite book he wrote?

My weird School is his favorite book that he wrote

Who wrote dream by Hannah Montana?

I am guessing it was her dad!

What were Pythagoras's favorite colors?

Pythagoras never wrote about his favorite colors. He mostly wrote about geometry.

What is nicks favorite song that he wrote?

Nicks favorite song that he wrote is A Little Bit Longer.

Who is Hannah gosler?

Hannah Gosler was a childhood fiend of Anne Frank. She also wrote a diary during the war.

Who wrote the music for Hannah Montana?

Billy ray Cyrus did

What was the last song Hannah Montana ever wrote?

Hannah Montana is a fictional character and therefore did not write any songs.

Why was Roald Dahl's favorite book his favorite?

because he wrote it

Who wrote song for Hannah Montana?

Billy Ray Cyrus and herself.

Baby by Justin Bieber who wrote it?

Hannah Seaton and Catherine Readman

What is the first song that Hannah Montana wrote?

best of both worlds

Who wrote The Climb sung by Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus wrote the song while she was in the movie Hannah Montana the movie.

How did Miley find out about Hannah Montana?

It was based on the show. She was asked to do the show but before hse started it, she wrote songs and created Hannah Montana.

How does Hannah Montana write these songs?

I hate to say, but Hannah doesn't write these songs. She only wrote like one or two. Sorry :(

Hannah Montana im your number 1 fan?

no you are not stupid who ever wrote it.