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Chubby chaser is a term that refers to a person who is attracted to an overweight sexual partner. There is a related chubby culture among gay men. In heterosexual relationships, the preference is usually by a man for an overweight female sexual partner, who may be referred to as a Big Beautiful Woman or BBW.

A related fetish is feederism, wherein one partner, usually male, engages in a "feeder" role with a woman, the "feedee". The man takes pleasure in contributing to her obesity and in some cases, is aroused by observing her weight gain.


Nick Jonas!

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Q: Whats a chubby chaser
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What is a chubby chaser?

A chubby chaser is a male or a female that is attracted plus sized male or females.

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A chubby chaser is a rude slang term. For further definition, see the related link below.Chubby chaser is usually derogatory, but can be used neutrally. Yes there is. Some people simply don't like partners who are too thin, some actively like chubby partners, and some are into obese or larger partners.

Female chubby chasers?

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