Whats a event on Pokemon?

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something annual at GameStop.

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Q: Whats a event on Pokemon?
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Pokemon platinum whats the rarest Pokemon?

well of course arceus but u can only get it on a wifi event

Whats the rarest Pokemon on ruby?

hmm it may have to be one event Pokemon i say ho-ho or lugia

Whats a wonder card?

Something that shows the Pokemon you got from wi-fi event.

Whats a Pokemon event and what are the ones in 2010?

they are snorlaxs doing breakdancing and if you join in you get 200 rare candys

Whats the easiest way to find lugia in fire red?

you need a Pokemon event coming out very very soon

Is there a Pokemon event in Indonesia?

There no pokemon event

Whats better WWE or Pokemon?


Whats the best Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?


Whats the best Pokemon on Pokemon ruby?


Can someone that has already gone to the event on July trade you a weak Pokemon holding the azure flute why didn't anyone think of that That way both can have arceus?

ok well whats a weak Pokemon enyway and how do you get it

In Pokemon pearl whats th fastest Pokemon?

The fastest Pokemon is ninjask

How can you get an event Pokemon?

go to an event

How do you fight ghots in Pokemon FireRed?

whats a ghot? get a Pokemon

Whats the best Pokemon to start Pokemon sapphire?


What are all the stories in Pokemon moon?

whats pokemon moon

Where and when did the basketball become and official Olympic event?

Whats the freking answer you stuped bum Whats the answer you smarty pants

Can you more than one Pokemon in a Pokemon event in Pokemon Platinum?

as long as the event is still going on, there is a way. it involves getting the same "event gift" in Pokemon diamond/pearl and trading to Pokemon platinum.

What does it mean to summarize each section or event?

Well it means to tell whats that section or event is about.

What is Pokemon event?

A Pokemon event is an event that you go to to get a special item or Pokemon......they do not have gameboy events anymore....they now have Nintendo ds events or "Nintendo events"

How do you get the event Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

there is a Nintendo event maybe at gamestop and go to it with Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver and there you will get celibi

How do you get event Pokemon after the event?

action replay

Whats the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Deoxys cause you can't get it.

Whats the code for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

111b24 4ga67d

Whats the 150 Pokemon in diamond?

Palkia is the 150 Pokemon on the dex

Is this a good Pokemon team for Pokemon Platinum?

well whats your team?