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Plain is the opposite of fancy.

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Q: Whats a fancy word for for?
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What is the adjective of the word fancy?

The word 'fancy' is an adjective (fancy, fancier, fanciest), a word that describes a noun; for example a fancy hat or a fancy party.The word 'fancy' is also a noun (fancy, fancies), a word for a whim or a fantasy; and a verb (fancy, fancies, fancying, fancied), to visualize or imagine, and to like.

Whats fancy dinnerware?

Fancy dinnerware is defined as dishes, flatware, and glassware. They are often made of silver and crystal.

What three word phrase includes the word fancy as the last word?

Strike your fancy

What is a word for not fancy?

Plain is the opposite of fancy.

What is the origin of fancy?

What is an antonym for the word fancy?


Is physician a fancy word for doctor?

No. It is not correct to say that physician a fancy word for doctor.

Is there a noun form of the word fancy?

Yes, the word 'fancy' is a noun as a word for a feeling of wanting or liking something, or something that you imagine or dream about.example: It was just a passing fancy.The word 'fancy' is also a verb (fancy, fancies, fancying, fancied) and an adjective(fancy, fancier, fanciest).

Any idea for the fancy dress competition topic on the BEACH?

whats that have to do with water fountians ?

What is root word for fanciful?

fancy, fan- (as in fantastic or fantasy)

Is fancy an adjective?

The word fancy, meaning "decorative", is an adjective.

What is another word for fancy cup that has 6 letters in it?

Goblet is a six letter word for a fancy cup.