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Whats a sentence with the word speak?


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Speak! Good dog!


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"Whats your Favorite chocolate bar?"

You can use the word Periscope a few ways in a sentence. You can write the sentence I am going to periscope the website.

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You speak of Slavish as Slovenian or Slovenia, this is the proper way to say the word Slavish in a sentence.

we shall speak of this anon.

As she began to speak her voice faltered.

The volcano is erupting as we speak.

Historically, the word dumb meant that a person could not speak.

Your nerves are transitory, they will pass as soon as your speak your opening sentence.

stop talking all that gibberish and speak clearly. that is a sentence using the word gibberish

The past tense of speak is spoken.

The passerby did not stop to speak with him. She waved to the passerby.

well lets see whats on todays itinerary shall we?

No, The correct form would be "I want to make him speak English". The word "to"is a preposition so therefore must take a noun as its object. The work "speak" is a verb in this sentence so therefore "to speak" would be incorrect. Get rid of the"to"before the word speak. (This is only for this sentence. There are other instances where "to speak" is correct.)

you just did. Another sentence is: The man used the megaphone to speak to the massive crowd.

Example sentence - He was much too young and inexperienced to speak on the subject of relationships.

Satellites circle the globe even as we speak.

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