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Of the thousands of characters in Disney animated films over the years, only about 250 are Characters in costume at Walt Disney World. Most of the costumed Characters perform only in parades and shows. About 50 greet and mingle with guests at all the Walt Disney World theme parks, and some resorts. (You haven

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Q: Whats all the excitement about Characters at Walt Disney World?
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Which Disney Characters can be met at Disney World?

One vacationing at Disney World can meet Disney characters such as Ariel, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, characters from Aladdin, Chip 'n' Dale, Tinkerbell, Goofy, Pluto, Minnie Mouse, and of course Mickey Mouse. Many, many more characters from Disney movies can also be met at Disney World.

Who can you see at Disney World?

Disney characters,people from around the world,employees and such.

What park in Disney world have Disney characters walking around?

all of the parks

Why is Disney world the best place to visit?

Because You get to see all of your favorite Disney characters.

Who going to be at Disney World this spring break?

year round all of the characters should be at Disney world

Where is it possible to purchase baby clothing featuring Disney characters?

The best places in America to purchase baby clothing featuring Disney characters would be Disneyland or Disney World. Disneyland is located in California, while Disney World is located in Florida.

Whats the cheapest way to see Disney World?

The cheapest way to see Disney World to travel during the non-peak seasons.

How many Disney characters are there in the world?

over 300

Was Walt Disney smart?

YES. Walt Disney is very smart because he created Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land with all the Disney characters.

Which Disney characters sing A Whole New World?

Jasmine and Aladdin, from Disney's Aladdin.

Are there characters at Disney World?

Yes, there are many characters and the schedule of their meeting is mentioned in the link in related links.

Who got famous at Disney World?

Mickey Mouse,Walter Disney himself and other Disney characters like Alice and Peter Pan!

How much do characters in Disney World make?

about 10 dollars an hour

Why did Walt Disney become famous?

Walt Disney became famous for creating Disney characters that people still love and enjoy today. In fact, he didn't create most of the Disney movies just the characters. He is also famous for Disney world located in Florida and Disneyland located in California. People go see Walt Disney's magic and fun that he decided to share with the world and that is why Walt Disney is famous.

Are Disney World characters like robots?

no at Disneyland there real people in costumes

How was Walt Disney World changed for the better?

More rides, attractions and more characters.

What city in Florida is the Walt Disney and the Disney characters?

Walt Disney World is promoted to be in Orlando, Florida; however, it is technically located in Kissimmee, FL (which is right beside Orlando).

What are some popular love songs sang by Disney Characters?

There are several popular love songs sung by Disney Characters, such as 'A Whole New World'. One can find a range of love songs on the 'Disney's Greatest Love Songs' CD released in 2008.

How many characters are there in Walt Disney World?

There are lots characters to meet at spots around the parks, as well as character dining options at many hotels. None of the characters are guaranteed; due to extenuating circumstances they may swap out or appear at different times. Mickey Mouse (along with Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale) and the Disney Princesses are the most popular characters to meet, and you can find them at most of the theme parks. You can see a full list of characters on the Walt Disney World website.

How did Walt Disney come up with Disney World?

Well before Disney World, he filmed a lot of his movies like Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty! And came up with his characters like Oswlad, and Mickey. Then he decided to buy the land and continue to add on to it. (This was Disney World) His dream was to also never stop adding on to it. And there now making the Beast's castle in Disney World!

What is the difference between Disney in Orlando?

disney world in orlado is bigger,has more parks, has more characters,and the castle is diffrent than other parks

Why do people visit disneyworld?

People visit Disney world because they would like to see all their favorite Disney characters and see the beautiful scenery

Who is Disney World named after?

Walt Disney World is named after Walt Disney..... It was originally named Disney World, but was then changed to Walt Disney World to honor him.

Where can one purchase Disney clothing for girls?

Disney clothing for girls is available both online and in-stores. It can be purchased at Disney theme parks located around the world as well as in Disney Stores located in malls. Stores like Kmart and Walmart also sell clothing with Disney characters on them as well.

Who founded Disney World?

Roy Disney, brother of Walt Disney (1899-1966) opened Disney World (now Walt Disney World, or formally The Walt Disney World Resort) near Orlando, Florida in 1971.