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Whats does it mean when another guy pinchs another mans nipples?

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It means they are homo's

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What is the liquid in a mans nipples?

the liquid in a mans nipples is fantarastem

Why does a mans nipples get bigger?

Its just a stage of puberty.

How do you make a mans nipples longer?

you just dont... -_-

Which thing is made by a person but he never use it?

mans nipples

What is the meaning of the phrase 'one man's food is another man's poison'?

Similar to the phrase 'one mans rubbish is another mans treasure' Meaning, whats good for you may not be good for another...what worked for them may not work for you :D

What is Iron Man's quest?

Whats iron mans quest?

What is says kuran about Muslim mans marry with orthodox woman?

whats says kuran about Muslim mans marry with orthodox woman?

Can a nipple pumb enlargen a mans nipples?

yes i have seen it work. p.s. i know this is u obama

Who coined the phrase one mans food is another mans poison?


One mans meat is another mans poison?

The meaning of one's mans meat is another man's poison means that what is good for one man maybe not be good for another. Something may benefit one person but it does not benefit another.

What does ones mans meat is another mans poison mean?

something that one person likes may be disliked by another

Where in the Bible did daivd sleep with another mans wife?

David slept in the bible with another mans wife in 1st of 2nd Samals

Who invented the RC car Whats the mans name?

bill cambell he invented the RC car

What is the meaning of one mans meat is another mans poison?

Not everyone likes the same things

What is another name for a mans overcoat?


Who sang these lyrics It used to be your house your house your house but now it's another mans home another mans home?

Shirley Brown - Intimate Storm

How do you do threesome sex with just men?

when a man puts his penis in another mans anus while having another mans penis in his anus (anal sex)

What is meant by the saying one mans junk is another mans treasure?

In my opinion its means it is of great value to the other man.

Whats a girls favorite sex postision?

A mans penus and a womens Virgina near each other with a french kiss

What does mans humanity to man mean?

to be nice to one another

What rhymes with one mans trash is another mans treasure?

It is very difficult to rhyme with an entire sentence. It would be much easier if you just asked what rhymes with treasure. One mans trash is anothers treasure. One mans pain is anothers pleasure.

What do you do if your girlfriend calls you another mans name?

ask to meet that man!!!

Is it gay to grab another mans rear?

Only if you get sexual pleasure from it.

Can a man take another mans seamen in hie rectum?


What is it called when you have a boyfriend but your another mans mistress?

One word: Cheating.