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Q: Whats is the effects of historical films on youth?
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Effect of films on youth?

Films have a great effect on youth. Most of the time it helps expand their minds. Other times it can harm them depending on what kind of films they are watching.

What is the effect of misleading advertisements on youth?

effects of misleading advertisments on youth

What Are The Effects Of Indiscipline Among The Youth?


Is the book Marco and the fountain of youth historical fiction?


What is the effect of Youth rebelling?

what are effects of Countercultural Movement

What was the lasting effects of the national youth administration?

The lasting effects of the national youth administration were stupidity, cravings for pancakes, decrease in social life, and a grant to work and go to school.

Positive effects of western culture on Indian youth?

The positive effects on western culture on indian youth would be that there are definitely more oppertunities for them. They can learn about the culture and determine, themselves, how they feel about it.

What is the effects of internet to youth?

The youth kids all have it made the internet controls. There education by the smart boards and all that today

As regards the effect of cinema on youth is it good or bad and how would that be explained?

Violent films are a real problem for youth today. They become desensitized to brutality and believe it to be normal behavior.

What is media's effects on youth?

The media effects everyone, depends what type the youth look at. A few teens focus on the bad sections of the media and soon strive to be a part of it. However, many are not succumbed to a life of crime

What is los premios juventud?

its a spanish youth award show that focuses on music, pop culture, sports, and films.

What are the effects of out of school youth?

Youth that are not in school are more likely to be involved in criminal activities. They are also more likely to become drug users or alcoholics.

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