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Whats kal swan ex bad moon rising up to now?

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2009-01-10 18:11:44

Dunno what he's up to now, but what I can tell you is that Kal's

real name is Norman - Norm to his mates - and whilst at Nuneaton

Tech. doing A level Art circa '79/'80 he was buddies with my mates

Grog and Kletz. What I find interesting is that no web site

featuring Kal ( which was spelled "Kkal" at one time, if I remember

rightly ) points out that he was, albeit briefly, a member of Black

Sabbath. I imagine he's moved back home to Tamworth, or, if he's

got any sense at all, he's moved as far away from it as possible.

And Norm - if you're reading this - Grog's still a confirmed

batchelor who continues to follow Rush around whenever they tour,

and Kletz still has the worst hairstyle in the Midlands. Just to

add my two penneth ... I ( John Cowley )was one of the guys at Art

School with Norm, Grog etc. I have tried from time to time to

contact Norm via his record companies or management but never got

any replies. i'd love to get us all together again sometime so Norm

( Kal ), Kletz, Dean, Ash, Chris, Dawn, Sharon, Ruth Ant, etc etc

if you're reading this get in touch and lets have a reunion ...

they were good times eh ! norman is my cousin and as far as i know

he is happily married with children living in LA

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