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Sodapop Curtis. If you read the book you would know that Sodapop Curtis is on his birth certificate.

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If you are referring to sodapop from the outsiders his best friend is Steve Randall

No, they are the names of the characters. In the outsiders ponyboy mentions that his and his brother sodapops name are real, even on their birth certificates. Sodapops nickname was pepsi cola. the gang members don't call him by that nickname, only his dad did. :)

The horses name was Mickey Mouse and he wasnt sodapops he was a different persons . they sold him . Ponyboy tried to buy him back but they didnt have enough money .

if you mean main character probably Darry ponyboy and sodapops older brother

To own a horse he had a horse for a while at the stables he worked at but it wasn't really his horse the horses name was Micky mouse but Micky mouse was sold and ponyboy tried to buy him back for sodapop but he was to much so sodapops dream was to own a horse of his own

Sodapop Patrick Curtis.

whats your name whats your name whats your name whats your name

sodapop thinks he is dumb droped out of school , works at a gas station He is kind honest cheery understanding reckless and enjoys life

Johnny's last name in the outsiders was Cade

whats you name ? whats you name ? whats you name ?

In The Outsiders, Bob's last name is Sheldon. His real name is Robert Sheldon.

S. E. Hinton is the author of the novel "The Outsiders".

Candy is another name for desert!

Steve Randle is a character in the book The Outsiders.

Because to society, the Greasers, the main gang of the book, are the Outsiders of the world.

he was in the middle and he didnt like it

The song is 'What's Your Name' by Lynyrd Skynyrd from their 1977 album 'Street Survivors'.

In The Outsiders, no last name was ever mentioned for the character of Marcia. The actress who portrayed Marcia was Michelle Meyrink.


He ended up writing the book your reading, The Outsiders.

setting and characters. in the outsiders it takes place in Oklahoma and then name the main characters

If by clown you me joker, his name was Keith Matthews but everybody calls him Two-Bit.

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