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Toshiba's 37" LCD costs less than 600$ at certain online retailers.We can't find another 1080p tv for less.

Most are just over $500

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Q: What's the best bargain on a 37" 1080p television ?
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In need of a 1080p lcd tv.?

The 1080p lcd tv are the T.V. today that have the best resolution but in the upcoming years there will be televisions with even higher resolution. There are many different 1080p resolution televisions on the market and a lot of them now offer 3D capabilities.

What type of tv do you need to get the maximum use of a PS3?

That would be the SHARP LC32GP3B 32-Inch AQUOS 1080p Gaming LCD TV that is best for gaming. PS3 has 1080p resolution.So to see that resolution fully you need a 1080p television.

What is best picture quality big screen tv?

The best, and highest, HDTV quality is 1080p

What is the difference in 1080 and 720P on LCD TVs?

The 1080p will produce the best picture.

Where can one buy a 1080p HDTV Plasma TV?

There are many places where one can buy a 1080p HDTV plasma TV. One looking to purchase a 1080p HDTV Plasma TV should visit popular stores such as Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

Where might one purchase a 32 inch 1080p?

There are many retailers where one can purchase a 32-inch 1080p TV. One can purchase a 32-inch 1080p TV at Amazon, eBay, Argos, Best Buy, Sears, and Target.

What stores carry 1080p lcd tvs?

Mostly online stores carry 1080p LCD TVs (e.g,,, and You should check out Target, Walmart, Kmart, or Best Buy for the best deals.

Where should I buy a Samsung 3d LED TV to get a better deal?

I think that the best deal you can get on a 3D LED TV would be at You can get a Samsung UN46d7000 46inch 1080p 240hz 3D LED HDTV for just $950.00 that is a real bargain compared to a lot of places.

Which places have reasonably priced 1080p televisions?

Some places that have reasonably priced 1080p televisions are Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon. Other places include Target, Sears, Overstock, and Newegg.

Best type tv to watch Blu-ray disc?

The best TV to get the full HD experience would be a TV with a resolution of 1080p (pixels)

Where can I purchase 1080p lcd tvs?

Many electronics dealers such as Best Buy and Costco offer 1080p LCD tv's. Online you can find a great variety of these televisions. The following website offers a great deal of 1080p LCD tv's,

What resolution is better for xbox 360 gaming 720p 1080i or 1080p?

Sometimes it depends in what kind of TV you have, some TV's prefere 1080i to 1080p for example. But if you have a very good HD TV then 1080P is the best resolution to pick for High def Xbox 360 gaming. Hope this helped.

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