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Do some sit-ups.

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Whats the best soda for upset stomach?

Coca Cola

Can you eat fruit during the lemon diet?

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to because lemon is a fruit and when you do any diet fruit is the best thing for you besides excericise.

Whats the best GPA you have to have to get into a 2 year college?

whats the best GPA you can have to get in a college?

Can you drink coffee while dieting?

drinking coffie is actually best when your dieting the coffie gives you energy to excericise and move. but i must tell you not to drink it everyday because sometimes it could make you crash. hope this answer your question:)

Whats the best aftershave?

Lynx is the smelliest but I recommend as the best!

Whats the best rapper in 2020?

Kendrick is the best alive.

Whats the best football team?

Barcelona are the best and they will always remain the best.

Where would you recommend to find the best jeans in Utah?

pacsun if your a skinnier girl, if your not probably forever21 or big girls gone bad.

What is best for your body?

Something good for your body is probably just fruits and vegetables. It's what I eat most of the time to get skinnier and healthier.

Whats the best plan for prepaid cell phones?

If you are looking for more information on whats the best plan for prepaid cell phones, the best place to look is on

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The Cob Is Great But Throughbreds Are Best .

Whats the best horse to ride?


Whats the best painkiller for an ulcer?


Whats the best hair color for me?


Whats the best laptop?

the dell studio

Whats the best Pokemon in emerald?

deoxys if you can get it

Whats the best computer?

The Macbook pro

Whats the best college in the world?


Whats the best college?

Siena College

Whats the best pie?

beer pie

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Whats the best chocolate?

White Chocolate

Whats the best band ever?

the Beatles

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Whats the best Pokemon ever?


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