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Whats the best shooter online game for the xbox 360?


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2008-06-01 10:00:18
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Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3 are both sick!

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The far best online game is runescape or counter strike. The far best online game is weeworld

In the Guinness world records it says that more people bought call of duty 4 modern warfare then any other game, I think the best shooter game is grand theft auto IV. But to be onnest it's your dicision what the best xbox360 shooter game is.

Destiny is a regular online first person shooter game.

Call of duty black ops of course

The best game by far in Call of Duty MW3. It is a fast paced shooter game that has great online game play. Battlefield 3 is another good game. I like MW3 the best!

Try Pokemon Indigo, its kinda like the DS games but on computer

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Currently it is the best game in the shooter world. But in the future........ who knows?

Halo is a very realistic shooter game that many people enjoy. Halo offers an online version of the game as well. Modern Warfare, a war theme shooter game, has several versions of their shooter game available-this war game is very realistic. Resident Evil is a realistic looking zombie shooter game that is a lot of fun in the horror genre.

EvE is the best... but some good ones are Homeworld 2 with the mods for stargate... there coming out with a eve online one to... so gl

how hack id crazy shooter online

i say halo combat evovlved

I found a cool online game, if it is what you where looking for. It is a mafia style shooter, with guns, cars and other gangs. I play it often with my friends at You find me often there after school. Hank

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You could play GunZ Online, it is a Matrix-esque shooter. The site for the game can be found here: at link below

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Crazy Taxi is the best online racing game.

I GOT I78,980 IN THE GAME bubble shooter.

darkwatch. it is an awsome game that has undead thing and freaky witches that wont die. but the game is cool.

i would say the call of duty series.

The powder game. Best SIMULATION game ever.

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The role of a scorer, (or shooter) is to shoot the ball at a high percentage. The scorer is usually the best shooter on the team. The shooter (or shooting guard) usually has the most points per game.

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