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The best way is to be polite and sweet, people like this, and just ask them.

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Q: Whats the best way to ask someone to homecomming?
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How do you get a date to homecomming with someone that is older then you?

You ask someone older than you to be your date to homecoming.

What do you do if your wii remote doesn't work?

Buy a new one or ask someone at Best Buy to look at it to see whats wrong with it

What do you do when your best friend get angry at you and you don't know why?

you can ask your friend whats bothering her or you can ask another friend to ask your friend whats bothering your friend

Whats the best way to perform fellatio?

Ask the man what he likes.

What do you say to a girl who wants you to ask her to homecomming but you know that if you do she'll break up with her bf your friend and theyv been going out for 2 years What do u tel her and ur frnd?

friends are before girls and if you want to be a good firend and not lose that friend than sont ask her and find someone else

What is a way to ask someone's name?

You go up to the person with confidence and say "Hi, my names ........, whats yours?

How do you ask a boy if he hates you My friend had a crush on this boy but the boy liked me se got mad becuase he wanted to sit with me. Now I want to know if he hates me-whats the best way to ask?

warm up to it by say ing you hate someone and he'll either agree or disagree and the next question you ask is if he hates you

What are some questions to ask someone to get to know them better?

The best way to get to know someone is to be really friendly, you can always just ask simple questions like; what is your name, how old are you, whats your job or what school do you go to (depending on the age of the person). Ask them if they like things that you like e.g. if you like Dolphins then ask them if they like Dolphins and then if they do talk to them about that subject. People also like compliments so comment on what they are wearing and their hair (maybe).

Whats the best way of arousing my wife?

Answer I can't answer your question, I'm not your wife, why not be a man and ask her what turns her on and take it from there.

Whats a warship?

its the boat the navy uses it has lots of cannons if you want the best relults ask a navy soldier

What is a internal composition?

its whats inside a planet or go ask someone else cause you aviosly dont know what it is

How can you tell if someone is Italian?

The best way to find out if someone is of Italian heritage is to ask them.

If your best friend says shes your best fiend but she doesn't act like it what should you do?

Ask her whats wrong and if shes really your best friend she'll probably tell you

How is the best way to ask out someone?

My personal favourite (works for boys or girl ) is get him/her alone and ask him/her "what would you say if i ask you out?"

What do you do your boyfriend is eleven years older than you and he beats you and he is so controlling im twenty two and he is thirty three?

Its best to tell someone about whats going on right away.Get out of that relationship as fast as you can.Dont be afraid to ask anyone for help.

How do you know if a girl you want to ask out is already going out with someone else and you don't want to sound weird by asking her out?

only one way to find out ..ask her whats the worse that could happen

What would be the best reply if someone says 'feel free to ask'?

Just go ahead and ask.

What do you do if you think your cat is pregnant?

I think the best thing you should do is go to the vet and ask. Vets know everything about cats and they should know whats best for your cat.

Whats the best things used to get marijuana out you system?

go to gnc or some other vitamin type place and ask the person

How do you ask someone who does not like you?

If you already know someone is not interested in you it is best to let them be as they won't change their minds.

How do you get your best friend to like you?

i got nuttin' ask someone else.

Do these have to be yes or no questions?

No, you can ask whatever you want and someone will do their best to answer the question.

How do you get to now someone?

you get to know someone by passing them nice notes about questions about them self or you could just walk up to them and start by saying whats your name the tell them your name and then start to ask them questions!! that's a quick rotten

How do you ask someone for their sn?

Just be like "hey, i just made a new aim. So im trying to get all my friends sn's. whats yours?"

What do you do if your friend is really depressed?

i gess the best u can do is talk to them be conserned ask them whats wrong try to chear them up hope this helps