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The best way is to be polite and sweet, people like this, and just ask them.


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You ask someone older than you to be your date to homecoming.

you can ask your friend whats bothering her or you can ask another friend to ask your friend whats bothering your friend

Buy a new one or ask someone at Best Buy to look at it to see whats wrong with it

Ask the man what he likes.

its whats inside a planet or go ask someone else cause you aviosly dont know what it is

The best way to find out if someone is of Italian heritage is to ask them.

Answer I can't answer your question, I'm not your wife, why not be a man and ask her what turns her on and take it from there.

its the boat the navy uses it has lots of cannons if you want the best relults ask a navy soldier

My personal favourite (works for boys or girl ) is get him/her alone and ask him/her "what would you say if i ask you out?"

The best way to get to know someone is to be really friendly, you can always just ask simple questions like; what is your name, how old are you, whats your job or what school do you go to (depending on the age of the person). Ask them if they like things that you like e.g. if you like Dolphins then ask them if they like Dolphins and then if they do talk to them about that subject. People also like compliments so comment on what they are wearing and their hair (maybe).

Ask her whats wrong and if shes really your best friend she'll probably tell you

i got nuttin' ask someone else.

No, you can ask whatever you want and someone will do their best to answer the question.

the best catch phrase in the world is whats poppinYou have your own catch phrase, don't ask other people what it should be.

If you already know someone is not interested in you it is best to let them be as they won't change their minds.

you could ask him to ask you out. you could pay him. you could get someone to let him know that you like him. screw your bestfriend.. if you like someone you should ask them out. who cares if your best friend gets confused. just tell your best friend you changed your mind.

go to gnc or some other vitamin type place and ask the person

I think the best thing you should do is go to the vet and ask. Vets know everything about cats and they should know whats best for your cat.

Whats your name... (if your talking to a child) How old are you... what is the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow... stuff like that :D

Its best to tell someone about whats going on right away.Get out of that relationship as fast as you can.Dont be afraid to ask anyone for help.

well if you want to make friends with someone then start of by saying " Hi my name is.....then ask them what there name is. Then once they say there name ask them something simple like whats your favorite colour or do you have a brother or sister but the best question is do you wanna be my friend. I made friends with someone by siting next to her and i said hi she said hi. I told her my name she told me my name and we just started to talk and the best of friends now.Good luck on making your new friendand i hope you turn out to be the bestof friends like me and my bff. =) =) =)

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