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The best way to get in contact with a bridal consultant in the initial planning stage of a wedding, when the planner will be able to work with the bride and groom (and their families) to have a successful wedding day. With plenty of time it will be possible to find the perfect arrangements to suit the budget and wishes of all involved.

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Q: Whats the best way to get in contact with a bridal consultant?
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What is a bridal consultant?

A true bridal consultant is the bride's best friend in all the planning stages and on the day of the wedding. They have established relationships with a number of people in the community who would assist in the wedding, such as caterers, musicians, florists, clothing shops, chauffeur companies, travel agencies, and those who own or run halls, restaurants, churches, where a wedding could take place. The bridal consultant has, as his or her main job, the goal of making a wedding and all the events beforehand, as close to ideal as possible for bride and groom, in consideration of their budget.

What online stores do you suggest for buying wedding supplies.?

The internet offers so many options! I would try "Online Bridal Store," "House of Brides," and "Best Bridal Prices." Many brick and mortar stores will also offer online sales options. I particularly like Vera Wang, myself. Her website allows you to contact a consultant or find the closest store.

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Astrology is real but depends upon the consultant AstroKapoor is the best Astrology consultant in Delhi Contact Details: Mr. Prashant Kapoor Contact Number: +91-9911373368

Where's the best place to find bridal gowns?

David's Bridal is the best-known and most reputable store for bridal gowns and clothing. You can visit their website at

Where can I find a franchising consultant?

To find the best option for a franchising consultant you should try to find somebody local to where you are. The prices that they charge depend on the type and amount of work that you are looking for them. Typically you can find their contact information online.

Where can I find mortgage rate refinancers?

The best way to refinance a home is for the person to contact either their mortgage company or their personal financial consultant. They will find the refinance plan that best suites them.

Where is the best source for bridal photography?

The best source for bridal photography would to be hire a photographer. You can take some pictures by yourself, but you want the best portraits. There is Betys Catering

Does the best man's wife need to be included in the bridal party?

Actually, it is incredably weird and rare for the best man's wife to be in the bridal party, unless both couples were close friends before the wedding. In seven years of being a bridal consultant, I've only seen it happen once. However, it is extremely rude to: 1) Not invite the wife to the wedding (obvious, but I've seen it done) 2) Not invite the wife to the rehersal dinner, especially at an out-of-town wedding 3) Seat the best man away from or at a separate table from his wife

How close to the wedding do you give a bridal shower?

There isn't a set time frame between a bridal shower and the wedding. Normally, it is best to have the bridal shower at least a month prior to the wedding.

Where can I find bridal wedding ideas?

The best place to find bridal wedding ideas is at the bridal shop in the neighborhood. They have many connections to all resources involved in a wedding. Try them first.

What are the best bridal shower ideals?

There are plenty of great websites where you can find bridal shower ideas, websites such as, or

Is memsaab ilford a good shop?

it has the best range of bridal lenghas and fabrics and it has excellent customer service! it has the best range of bridal lenghas and fabrics and it has excellent customer service!

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