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Mice is the plural form of mouse.

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What is the difference between mice and mouse?

mice is the plural for mouse.

What is difference between mouse and mice?

Mouse is singular and mice is plural.

Difference between Computer Mouse and Computer Mice?

Mouse is singular.... Mice is plural.

Similarities and differences between a cat and a mouse?

The difference between a cat and a mouse is that mice are small and cats are bigg

Whats a baby rat called?

a mice or mouse

What is the difference between the animal mouse or a computer mouse?

a computer mouse has 2 legs and 2 teeth, while an animal mouse has 8 legs. animal mice are not called mice actually, they are called octorats

Difference between mouse and a rat?

Rats are larger than mice and slightly smarter. They also have a worse reputation than mice.

How can you tell the difference between a mouse and a hamster?

mice usually have long tails, hampsters have stumps

How can you tell the difference between a boy mouse and a girl mouse?

The way that you can tell the difference between a girl mouse and a boy mouse is that the space from the anus to the genitals is generally larger in males than in females. If you are still unsure about the sex of the mice, contact your local pet store and show the mice to them, they should be able to differentiate the two sexes.....

What is the difference between rat and mouse?

The difference between rats and mice are rats are a bit larger and they don't get as scared of things like mice. I prefer mice more than rats because mice are alot more active and it's easier to tell if they're pregnant

How are dogs and mice different?

Dogs and mice are two different animals in the earth.... thats like saying whats the difference between humans and giraffes. ALOT

The difference between a cat and mouse?

the cat asked the mouse to do something, the mouse didn't do itan ancient grudge summat like that :)hope this helpsAnswer by Maddie MooCats are felines while mice are rodents. Cats are carnivorous while mice are omnivorous.

What is the difference between Phyla and Phylum?

there is no difference. it's just plural and singular form like mice and mouse. phyla is plural and phylum is singular.

What is the difference between a pet mouse and a house mouse?

Pet mice are domesticated, and have been domesticated for hundreds of years. That means they have been bred to bring out their ideal characteristics, such as color and temperament. Mice are the smallest mammals ever to have been domesticated.

What is computer mice use for?

Mice(plural for mouse) is used to move the cursor or the Pointer and click on the icons and programs. the mouse is singular for Mice or Mouses but there is till a confusion between Mouses and mice but the correct plural is mice.

What is the singular of mice?

The word mice is the plural form of mouse. (one mouse, two mice)

What is the different mouse and mice?

The plural of mouse is mice

Which one is it four mice or four mouse?

Mice. One mouse is a mouse. Mice is more than one. The lady had mice in her house. The cat caught a mouse.

What is more than one mouse?

mice The plural for mouse is miceMice

What is the Difference between rat and mice poop?

The rat and mouse are two completely different species, but are in the same family. Since the rat is bigger, its droppings will be larger than those from a mouse.

Is there a difference between grey mice and brown and white mice?

All of the different colours seem to be the difference between the grey, white and brown mice...

What is the difference between a mouse and a roach?

Allow me to shed some light on this. Mice are mammals, don't have wings, don't have antennas, and aren't roaches! :)

What is the difference between a gerbil and a mouse?

2 Differences Between Gerbils and MiceGerbils hop, mice run. Gerbils have fur on their tails (and usually a tail tuft), mice don't.A gerbil is larger than a mouse, and has fur on its tail. Mice, on the other hand have hairless tails and aren't as nice to hold as a gerbils, they tend to squirm more and could run away easier.

What is the definition of mouse or mice?

mouse is singular, mice is plural

Diary about a mice or mouse?

mice for 2-infinate mouse for 1 For example i added my MOUSE to my friends group of MICE.

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