Whats the difference between sultanas currants and raisins?


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Dark raisins: These are the most common variety found in most markets, usually made from Thompson seedless grapes. Although they start as green grapes, the fruit naturally darkens as it dries.

• White or golden raisins: These are also called muscats and are generally made of white muscat grapes which are seeded, specially oven-dried (rather than by sun), and treated to retain their light color. Some golden raisins are dried Thompson seedless raisins which have been kept light by the use of sulfur dioxide.

• Sultanas: More popular in Europe, these raisins come from a seedless yellow grape and are usually softer and sweeter than other varieties. The American variety of sultana grape is the Thompson seedless.

• Currants: Although there is a gooseberry relative known as the currant, the dried currant raisin is actually made from Black Corinth grape called Zante. They are tiny, seedless, and very sweet but do bear a resemblance to the currant berry. The name confusion comes not only from the currant raisin's similar appearance to the currant berry, but also due to the similarity of the sounds of the fruit names, ie., currant sounds like Corinth, the variety of grape. Tiny dried currants are extremely sweet and aromatic.
Raisins are dried white grapes usually of the variety 'Muscatel'. The main producers are the USA, Turkey, Greece and Australia.

Sultanas are small raisins. They are seedless, sweet, pale golden in colour and come mainly from Turkey.

Currants are dried, black, seedless grapes originally produced in Greece. They were known as 'raisins of the sun'.

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Sultanas, currants and raisins are all dried grapes of different varieties Sultanas, currents and raisins depending on the grape.

Sultanas are made from dried green grapes while raisins are made from red.

You can use any small dried fruit such as raisins, sultanas, cranberries or chopped dates

sultanas are dried white grapes and raisins are dried purple grapes so their won't be much difference. eat both at once if you like! :)

Sultanas are called raisins in the United States.

Sultanas are like raisins, but sultanas are made from a special kind of grape.

can diabetics have dried sultanas. All information I have says raisins, cranberries but does not mention sultanas.

No. Currants are raisins. Cherries are cherries.

No, they cannot. Grapes, sultanas and raisins are toxic to dogs and any food that has these foods in should never be given to them.

Yes, raisins are dried white grapes and currants are dried black grapes, so you can substitute one for the other.

AnswerSultanas are made from green grapes. Raisins are made from dark grapes.According to OChef.com (see related links, below), the generic term for a dried grape is '''raisin'''. A '''Sultana''' is a particular type of raisin. Compared to a regular raisin a sultana is lighter in colour, sweeter and more moist, and less acidic.Originally, Sultanas were produced in Turkey, from the Sultana variety of grape. Nowadays, they are produced from the same variety of grapes as other raisins but by a different process. They are treated with sulphur dioxide and heated artificially. Other raisins are allowed to dry and darken in the sunlight.A heated debate exist between lovers of Sultana's and Raisins. Personally, I believe that raisins are considerably tastier and sultanas are icky. But Anna who is sitting here thinks that sultanas are better.

Spotted Dick is so-called because of the currants (or sultanas, or raisins) in it, which could be said to look like spots. The 'dick' component's origin is not certain, but is thought to derive from the word 'pudding', or possibly 'dough'.

All raisins (and sultanas) are dried grapes.

in Australia they call them raisins but in America they call it sultanas.

The classic baba has currants or raisins and is baked in a tall, cylindrical baba mold, savarin is made without raisins and baked in a large ring mold.savarin A sponge cake baked in a ring mould baba A small cake leavened with yeast

Golden raisins come from green grapes, darker raisins come from red grapes.

I assume you mean dried currants like you bake with. All Kroger's may not carry them but if the one you shop at does they should be with the raisins.

Currants are found in most grocery stores as a dried fruit, and will be located by other dried fruits like raisins.

they are fruits and they are good for you its in one of my homewor kquestions but im not sure if this is right.

i think its called crowns up to 5.and its on the suger contint on there color and

Golden raisins were made from green grapes, and dark were made from using purple grapes.

Raisins are the dried fruit dirivative of certain types of grape, as opposed to currants which come from types of grapes different from those used to make raisins; sorry, I don't know which grape type is which.

You could use raisins or sultanas but dates will also work as a good substitute for figs.

Both a raisin and a currant are both dried grapes. The difference being:RAISINSMade from seeded and unseeded, white or black grapes. They are mostly produced in very warm climates such as Australia, California, Chile, South Africa.CURRANTSThese are dried black seedless grapes. 89% are produced in Greece.

Mincemeat is a mixture of currants, raisins, sugar, apples, candied citrus peel, spices, and suet, usually used in pies.

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