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They're individual creatures with their own personalities... sex has little to do with it. Just like people.


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The only way to tell for sure if a pet rabbit is male or female is to examine its genitalia. (Pet rabbits are the same species as the wild European Rabbit.) See the related question below for details.

what is the difference between a male coyoted and a female coyoted

The difference between the female and male eagle is that the female eagle is smaller and lighter.

whats the difference between the male and female chromosome? x

Difference between Male and female cells in the blood film

there is no difference they are both male and female

1-2% the same difference between female humans and female chimpanzes

what is the difference between a male and female show me in picture

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE NUMBER OF MALE AND FEMALE CHROMOSOMES! the only difference is between chromosome #23: XY is male. XX is female.

female rabbits do get along with male rabbits, but unless you want little bunny rabbits everywhere, you should neuter and spay the male and female.

yes they do it is better to have 2 female rabbits than 2 male rabbits because 1 out of 10 people who have 2 male rabbits they claim that their rabbits fight and there has also been a survey on female rabbits they survey said that only 1 out of 2 people who have 2 female rabbits say they fight and i believe that having 2 female rabbits is better than having 2 male rabbits

It depends on the rabbit, but yes generally male rabbits are friendlier than female rabbits. Female rabbits tend to be more aggressive, but it all depends on the rabbit. Some female rabbits are sweeter than others.

the difference is when you gentlly touch under the tail if something pops out of a small hole it is a male if nothing pops out it is a female. For more details, see the related question below (it applies to young lop eared rabbits as well as all rabbits).

Male rabbits are bucks.Female rabbits are does.Young rabbits are called kittens or kits.

what is the difference between a male and female turkey?

how to tell the difference between a male and female japenese beetle

The difference is that a female has a white bottom and a male does not.

The main difference is size. The male is larger than the female

What is the difference between a female and male Kinkajou

A difference between male and female horse flies include that the female needs to feed on blood to reproduce whereas the male does not. Another difference includes the their eyes.

There is no difference between a male female gumamela. Both have male and female parts, just like many other flowers.

The difference between a male and female sponge is that the female lays the eggs the male doesn't the male helps with different things

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