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Whats the legal age to get married?


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It depends the country in which you reside.


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In Wales, Northern Ireland and England it is 18. But in Scotland it's 16.

The legal drinking age for Canada is 2. drink responsibly

You really can get married at any age, You just have to have a parental consent on both sides.

Is is not legal to get married at age 14 in Texas.

What is the legal age to buy a car in cash from a dealer in North Carolina

It differs from state to state.

Only if you are of legal age. Just because you are married, it does not mean to do not need to follow the law.

In China, the legal age to be married is 22 years old for man and 20 years old for woman.

It depends on where you live.

depends what country cet person lives in for example: in Ethiopia it is legal at the age of 6. but in the us you have 2 be at legal adult age 2 get married

I suggest you go to India,girls there even at the age of fourteen can get married.

The legal age to get married in Minnesota is 18 years. If you are a minor, who is 16 or 17 years old, you need your parental consent.

Age 15 for women and age 18 for men

The legal age to marry in Mexico is 18 years old. A parent can sign for the minor child to marry if they are under the legal age.

In Norway you can legally get married at age 18.

It is now 18 years of age to get married.

The legal age to get married is 18. Missouri will allow a 16 or 17 year old to get married with the permission of the parents. Younger is seldom allowed. I hope this helped(:

To get married in California you have to be at least 9 years old

you could be 15 yerars old in order to get married

Yes if you got married in Ghana in a church, your marri age will be legal in the U.K.

18. unless she's married. :)

yes, it's legal, but only with parental consent


The legal age of consent in Cuba is sixteen between Cubans, not with foreigners. Eighteen is the legal age of consent for tourists by the way. so i guess it would bearound there.

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