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whats recklessness?

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thats being crazy

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Q: Whats the meaning of criminal recklessness?
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What are the four mental states that can be found in the criminal code?

1. Intentional 2. Knowing 3. Reckless 4. Criminal Negligence

What is the root word for recklessness?

The root word for "recklessness" is "reckless," which comes from the Old English word "reclΔ“as" meaning "careless" or "unconcerned."

What is the Latin root of recklessness?

"Recklessness" has no Latin root; it is constructed entirely of native English parts. ("Reck" is a verb meaning "to care about; to be cautious", which is by now nearly obsolete.)

Culpable reckless behavior mean?

Culpable reckless behavior involves the recklessness of an act by a criminal. This also involves a behavior that has caused an injury to a person or a chance of an injury.

When a person desires to engage in certain criminal conduct or to cause a certain criminal result is the definition of what term?

The term for the desire to engage in criminal conduct or cause a certain criminal result is "specific intent." It refers to the intention or purpose behind the actions of the individual, distinguishing it from crimes that only require general intent or recklessness.

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Annie paid a heavy price for her recklessness It.........................?

it was heavy for Anne to pay the price of her recklessness.

Whats does ssa mean on criminal minds?

Supervisory Special Agent

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Recklessness Reckless recklessness' (I think)