Whats the population of Jackson Mississippi?

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About 187,000.
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What is the population of Mississippi?

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Mississippi is2,967,297. See the Related Links below for a breakdown ofMississippi's population.

What is the population of Jackson Mississippi?

2009. City of Jackson Population by year [2] Year Population . %± . U.S. Rank 1860 3,191 +69.6% - 1870 4,234 +32.7% - 1880 5,204 +22.9% - 1890 5,920 +13.8% - 1900 7,816 +32.0% - 1910 21,262 +172.0% - 1920 22,817 +7.3% - 1930 48,282 +111.6% - 1940 62,107 +28.6% - 1950 98,271 +58.2% - 1 ( Full Answer )

Whats the capital of Mississippi?

The capital of Mississippi is Jackson. As of 2012, the populationof Jackson was approximately 175,437. Jackson is the largest cityin the state.

What is the population for Mississippi?

Mississippi, known as The Magnolia State and The Hospitality State,has a population of 2,984,926. Jackson, the state capital, has apopulation of 175,437.

Whats percey jacksons power?

Percy Jackson Is son of Poseidon, God of the Sea,One of the Big Three. With it comes great powers for being his son, He can breathe under water, not get his clothes wet unless wanted, Blast water, make air bubbles for his friends to party underwater too, is on the good side for every kind horse and ( Full Answer )

Was jackson always the capital of mississippi?

Natchez was the original state capitol when it joined the US in1817. The capitol was then moved to Columbia. Later in 1822,Jackson became the state capital, being named after Andrew Jacksonfor his rile in the War of 1812.

Why is Jackson the state capital of Mississippi?

The site was selected by a committee of the State Assembly in 1821 and then the city was built. It was named for Andrew Jackson, who was the major military leader in the region in the early 1800s, but was not elected President until 1828.

What is the climate in Jackson Mississippi?

It can be very hot in Jackson in the summer, sometimes over 100 degrees. Fortunately, it can also get pretty cold, though it rarely snows. Almost all the time it's overcast, if not raining. I used to live there and I appreciated the rain very much.

Is Stonewall Jackson the namesake of the name of the city of Jackson Mississippi?

No.. Jackson Mississippi was founded long before the Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson became famous at the Battle of Manasas. I'm not positive but it was probably named after Andrew Jackson, the President of the US. But "Jackson" is a common name and could be a local Mississippian.

What is the population of Jackson Mississippi in 2009?

The population of Jackson in 2009 was estimated by the state government at 175,710 . This is lower than the 2000 census and the 2005 estimate, but this may be due to movement to the five suburban counties outside the city proper. The metropolitan area had an estmated population of 537,285.

Is there a volcano under Jackson Mississippi?

Uhhh...no. Not that I've heard of. Yes there is an extinct volcano under Jackson, Mississippi. It is 2900 feet below the surface and the highest part of it"s cone is directly under the Jackson Colossium. The last eruption was 75 million years ago.

Who was killed in 1963 in Jackson Mississippi?

Medgar Wiley Evers (July 2, 1925 - June 12, 1963 was an African American civil rights activist from Mississippi who was murdered by Byron De La Beckwith. He married Myrlie Beasley they had three children, two boys and one girl.

What concerts will be held in Jackson Mississippi?

If you mean Fall Out Boy concerts then check their website --> www.falloutboyrock.com. Then click on the tour button at the top, should come up with any scheduled tour dates

What is the zip code of Jackson Mississippi?

well it depends 39201 Jackson ( 601/769 ) 39202 Jackson ( 601/769 ) 39203 Jackson ( 601/769 ) 39204 Jackson ( 601/769 ) 39205 Jackson ( 601/769 ) 39206 Jackson ( 601/769 ) 39207 Jackson ( 601/769 ) 39208 Jackson ( 601/769 ) 39209 Jackson ( 601/769 ) 39210 Jackson ( 601/769 ) 3921 ( Full Answer )

Why was Jackson chosen to be the capital of Mississippi?

Jackson was named the capital on November 28, 1821, but did not exist as a city until some months thereafter. After statehood was granted in 1817, the state legislature decided to relocate the capital from Natchez to the center of the state. However, there were only swamps there, so LeFleur's Bluf ( Full Answer )

How many miles between Jackson Mississippi and Fulton Mississippi?

245 miles taking this route: . Take I-55 NORTH to U.S. 278 EAST to OXFORD at EXIT 243A. . Take U.S. 278 EAST to U.S. 45 in Tupelo. Follow signs to U.S. 45 NORTH. . Take U.S. 45 NORTH to U.S. 78. EXIT off onto U.S. 78 EAST to BIRMINGHAM. . Take U.S. 78 (FUTURE I-22 CORRIDOR) EAST to Fulton. The ( Full Answer )

What is the temperature in Jackson Mississippi?

Today it is another beautiful May morning in Jackson. As of 7:00 amthe temperature is 63 degrees. The forecast for today in Jackson ispartly cloudy with a high of 89 degrees.

Where in Mississippi is Jackson?

Jackson, Mississippi is the capital of the state, and is located in central Mississippi. It is located about 150 miles due north of New Orleans, Louisiana.

What is Jackson Mississippi famous for?

Jackson Mississippi is allegedly the creator of the müller corner flavour 'Mississippi' mud pie. However there has been complications and secondary information which indicate that without the secret recipies he had obtained illegally he may not have accomplished heaven in a snap pot.

What is the city code for Jackson Mississippi?

The telephone area code for Jackson, Mississippi, is +1 601 withoverlay code +1 769. The three-letter city code for the Jackson-Evers InternationalAirport is JAN.

Is Jackson in Mississippi?

Jackson is the capital city in Mississippi. Jackson is located inthe western part of Mississippi in Hinds County, Mississippi. It islocated on the Pearl River.