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its by MAjor MAker

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Whats the website to play and chat?

Whats greek talk?

A chat room - see link below:

What are the advantages of chat rooms?

you can see whats happening every where else there isn't one

Whats the best chat room?

habbo. fantage. weeworld. woogiworld. imvu. girlsense. meez.

You need a Boy to chat with Now?

im bored ill talk to anyone whats up

Whats the best chat room to visit?

well i personally wouldn't do it but yes its normal if you enjoy doing it.

What if your male schizophrenic friend deletes you and blocks you on his mobile and msn but yet when he sees you he wants to chat i am frustrated at this behavior whats this mean whats he want from me?

Punch Seedsman in the pussy

Nice compliment for a male in french?

What are you complementing for or about ? Do you want to chat him up or is it for commercial relations or what?

Who is the Blonde girl in the pink shirt on the quest chat line commercial?

Jennifer Von Cailling

What is lil'romeos fan phone number?

whats up lil romeo i am just seeing if i can get your number sometime so i can chat with you on the phone?

Can you chat with friends online at

can you chat with friends online at answers-com My answer is no because i leave people a message on thur message board but they are never online i guess?. whats up my home dog is pooping Yes you can chat with friends you dont know or friends you want to know online

How can take video from You Tube to iPhone whatsapp?

To take a video from YouTube to the iPhone Whats App first open the chat window on Whats App. Next tap the arrow icon and choose what yo want to share.

What is the meaning of sup in conversations?

Sups's meaningNo word such in English but used as a chat language "Whats Up" Sub mean - What's up?

Your super chat on supersecret isn't working I'm trying to get it but supersecret wont send me the activation email whats wrong?

that happended to me to. did u figure it out??

Is there anything I can use to make minecraft reed me whats said in chat out loud?

No, this hasn't been added. There may be a mod for this feature but I'm not sure.

Whats the latest news on Miley Cyrus?

the official website that miley is very involved in is there is a chat room she goes on when she can and her friends and family are also on there sometimes. to access the chat room u must be a member witch costs $40 a year.

May I chat to a ghost hunter on line Please?

Im a Ghost hunter (not so profecional but i can investigate) whats your question? oh yeah ... in the sci-fi channel or you can log in into ghost hunters and then join the hunt, there will be a lot of ghost hunters to chat with , I've been there

How do you know if a boy like you online?

Very simple he will put your name online, and even try to chat with you when you get online. When he chat with you he'll probably ask a lot of question ( do you have a bf?) Or ( Whats your number) and more. He'll probably put clues online that he likes you. Hope I answer your question.

This is a chat box?

Chat in this question

Are there any kid virtual worlds? (type chat) (type chat) (type chat) Club chat) chat) chat) chat) moshi chat) chat) chat) chat)

A teacher cried?

why did she cry are you close to her.. if so, maybe you could have a chat and ask her whats wrong how many people saw it did another teacher yell at her was the class being bad

Is a 3D chat the same as a video chat?

No, 3D chat is not the same as video chat. Video chat is a 2D chat only. While in 3D chat we get to see all the three dimensions.

How do you get married on sims freeplay for iPad?

The same way on others greet chat chat chat chat chat chat beromantic be romantic be romantic and so on

What is waddle chat?

Waddle chat is an xat chat

What are some online chat rooms in the UK?

Some online chat rooms in the United Kingdom are Just Chat, Kiss Chat, UK Chatters, Lycos Chat, Chat Bazaar, Rendez Vous Chat, Mingles 2, and Chat Random.