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All Red Seal U.S. notes carry that motto so it's not a distinguishing feature. Depending on its condition and whether it has a series letter (a single character) right after the date, it could be worth anywhere from face value to about $30.

2007-06-24 21:31:49
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What is the value of a Series 1950a 10 dollar bill will pay to bearer on demand?

If it has a green seal, it's worth $12 to $15.

What is the value of silver cert 1957 no star reading one dollar in silver to the bearer?

1957 is a common series for $1 silver certificates. They're generally worth around 2 to 3 dollars, depending on condition.

Where there silver dollars in the 1800s?

Yes, there were many issues of silver dollars in the 1800s, including most of the Morgan Dollar series, along with the Seated Liberty Dollars, Trade Dollars, and the Bust Dollar.

What is the value of a series 1990 ten dollar bill?

10.00 dollars

What is the value of a 1934 will pay to bearer on demand 20 dollar bill not a silver certificate?

The only $20 bills printed in the 1934 series were Federal Reserve Notes so I'm assuming that's what you have. In worn condition most of these retail for about $22 despite their age. In better shape the retail price depends on what series letter, if any, is next to the date. Series D bill retail for up to $30 in excellent condition, Series C up to $28, and the rest up to $24. FWIW, the last $20 silver certificates were issued in 1891. The wording "will pay to bearer on demand" is found on older FRN's but was removed from later series.

What is the price of a series 1985 ten dollar bill with sevens?

10 dollars

What is a series 1990 twenty dollar bill worth?

Ah, 20 dollars.

What is the value of a 100 dollar Series 2001 star note?

100 dollars

Is James Buchanan on a U.S dollar?

Yes, on a dollar coin in the "Presidential Dollars" series. It was released on August 19th, 2010.

What is the value of a red seal five dollar bill series 1922?

5 Dollars

How much is a series 1953 five dollar bill with red print?

5 dollars

What is a one dollar silver certificate series 1935F and 1935G worth?

About six dollars

How much is a will pay the bearer on demand US 5 dollar bill series 1928 A worth The bill is in good condition with no tears The seal and serial numbers are red in color?

1928 US five-dollar bills with red seals were common in circulation. For this reason, they only command about $7, unless they are in mint condition with no folds, then they would be able to get more.

How much is a John Tyler one dollar coin worth?

One dollar. It's part of the current Presidential Dollars series.

What is the value of twenty dollar bill serial number C00566708A series 1929?

$20 Dollars.

What is the value of a 2003 series A two dollar bill?

It's still worth 2 dollars.

WHAT IS THE Value of series A 2003 five dollar bill?

It's worth exactly five dollars.

How much is a will pay to the bearer on demand 10 dollar bill?

It would be helpful to know the Country, Date and Condition of the note in question. If you are talking about a US $10 silver certificate, you might also look for a little "Series" letter next to the date. With that someone might have an idea what sort of 10 dollar bill you are talking about. Otherwise it is hard to make any sense of your question.

How much is a 10 dollar 1950 series a bill worth?

In the 1950s, there were several different series of 10 dollar bills issued by the treasury. The series range from A through E, and have different values depending upon the series. For a series A 10 dollar bill, the value online is between 45 and 100 dollars, depending upon condition.

How much is a Canadian 2 dollar bill worth?

That depends on the series (date) and condition. The series 1986 is still worth two dollars.

What is the value of a 1934 ten dollar bill?

A 10-dollar bill that was printed in 1934 is worth little more than 10 dollars. Depending on the series, it may be worth around 15 dollars.

When did JfK appear on the dollar coin?

Never. He's on the half dollar. His portrait will appear on one series of the Presidential dollars in about 8 or 9 years.

Is a series b1969 10 dollar bill worth anything?

Yes, it's worth ten dollars.

Series 1976 two dollar bill?

The series 1976 two dollar bill does not have enough age to it to be a collectible item. Although amounts can change, currently a 1976 two dollar bill is worth approximately four dollars in uncirculated condition.

Is there an issue of 1933 US dollars?

Not silver dollars, the Peace series skips from 1928 to 1934, since there was little demand for them during the Depression. 1928 series silver certificate currency (bills) were made during this period.