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100-250 or so

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Whats the range for 22short in pistol?

What are you asking? The round can go out to about 1000 meters.

What is mfgndate of a colt 32 serial number 453223?

whats the model. pistol or revolver ?????????????

45 caliber Chinese norinco handgun 1911a1 whats it worth?

100-300 or so depending on condition

Whats the best high powered rifle caliber?

Best will be determined by intended use, your pocket book, your skills and what is available

Whats used price on sig sauer model sp2340 semi-automatic pistol?

depending on condition $300-$450

Whats the value of an erma werke model EP 555 25mm pistol?

I know of no handgun that has a one inch diameter bore.

Whats the age of a mod 12 with serial number 83876?

You will have to tell us who made it and if it is a hand gun or long gun, caliber/gauge, etc..

Description or image of 32 caliber Hopkins and Allen revolver serial number in 9000s?

Have H&A 32cal with serial number z249 .How old and whats it worth.

Whats the value of a drescent 5171 gun?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings, features, box, papers, accessoires, barrel length, caliber, type of action, etc..

How can you determine if you have a replica of the 1851 navy brass frame 36 caliber black powder revolver?

read whats printed on top of the barrel. re=pros have the Italian makers mark......

Whats the caliber m4a1 rifle?

The M4A1 carbine is chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATOcartridge, the same as the assault rifle it was derived from, the M16. It is also capable of firing the .223 Remington sporting cartridge.

Colt 22 semi auto stainless steel pistol with bull barrel Whats its value?

looking at some gun sales sites the current retail is 359.95 - 399.95 for new cond.

Whats the best web browser?

There are SO MANY browsers that it is a hard decision for people choose which one is the best.For: Decent or high -speed computer and running Windows- Google Chrome.Super-fast: Google Chrome is highly known for it's speed. It can beat browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc. in speed.Chrome Webstore: In the Chrome Webstore, you can get thousands of things for Google Chrome. Games, Applications, shortcuts, extensions, etc. all for FREE.Themes: Unlike Firefox and Opera, Google Chrome has TONSof themes. You could choose and save over hundreds of themes and use anyone anytime for Free from the Chrome Webstore.For: Slow-speed computers running Windows- FirefoxThe reason to not use Google Chrome on slow computers is because Google Chrome takes up the more CPU-Usage than any other web-browsers out their.For: Decent or high -speed computer and running Mac- Safari/Google ChromeSafari can be installed for windows but is truly optimized for Mac. It takes up the least amount of CPU-Usage than any other web-browsers out there.~ By Yourface1021Providing Trusting Answers since 2011

Whats the difference between the crosman American classic pump pistol and the crosman 1377 c?

Basically the same pistol. The 1377 American Classic is rated at 560 FPS the new 1377c is rated at a little over 600 FPS. The loading chamber is slightly different the new one has a bolt action. The original 1377 you had to pull the back knob to cock the pistol, the new 1377C the bolt cocks the pistol. Both have a rifled barrel, both shoot .177 cal pellet. I own both of these pistols and find them to be fairly accurate.

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This is whats known as a "geo redirect" you probably have a canadian IP address. You can fix it using an addon such as "Modify Headers" (firefox only) or "Change HTTP Request Header" (Chrome only) or by using a proxy.

Antique 22 caliber trappers rifle?

i downloaded zwinky because i wont to play it but everytime i try to go to play at zwinktopia it wont load does anyone know whats wrong or anyway i can get actually play the game ?

Forehand and wadsworth arms 32 caliber models I have a 5 shot two and three quarter inch barrel 1886 87 patent with F and W grips Whats it worth?

Blue book of gun values

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I have a 99 town car and my fuel door release suddenly was missing. i went to the Lincoln dealer and they had one for $66.

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