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Whats the yearly salary for a shop assistant?

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Depends upon your manager and how hard you work and how much you work.

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What is the Yearly salary of a barber shop?

around 76,000 where are you getting this number from?

How much is paid a shop assistant in London in a fashion boutique?

A shop assistant in a luxury shop in London will earn a basic salary of £30,000. The assistant shop assistant earns an additional 3 to 5% commission depending on the number of sales.

What is the average yearly salary for a car dealership owner?

An average automotive repair shop;(True-Centre), makes more then the average used car dealership, which year salary for most automotive 7 bay shops is, 200 000$ yearly.

The shop assistant does to your credit card?

The shop assistant does this to your credit card

This person sells things in shops?

A clerk? A Shop Assistant or Customer Advisor or Store Assistant

What is the salary of a sweet shop owner?


WHo is Fred and George's assistant in their joke shop?


What was van Gogh's first job?

He was a shop assistant.

What do you call a person who helps customers?

Shop Assistant

What qualifications are needed to become a shop assistant manager?

It really depends on what kind of a shop it is really.

What kind of work did William Lloyd Garrison do?

Shop assistant and Akmed Assans corner shop.

Whats the salary for owning a skateboardshop?

Shop owners don't usually get a salary. They get the profits. Often they will have a set draw against the profits, but that doesn't help if the shop isn't making money. That's one of the reasons business is such a risk. If you can't make enough money, the owners don't get any money. They have to pay all the bills and workers before they can pay themselves.

Clarks shoe shop wage?

£6.03 for a sales assistant

How do you breed lizards?

Ask a pet shop owner or assistant

What are Job roles as a shop assistant?

they help out by sucking dick

What is shop assistant in french?

un vendeur/une vendeuse

What is a retail assistant?

Someone who works in a retail outlet such as a shop

What do u call someone who helps customers?

It is a shop assistant.

What jobs can niko bellic do in gta 4?

shop asistant,taxi driver,gun shop assistant,

Whats Leona Lewis' favorite shop?


Where do you find what is in the shop at target?

Google TARGET and go to whats on

Whats Ashley tisdales favorite place to shop?

she likes to shop at bilabong and abercrombie fitch she likes to shop at bilabong and abercrombie fitch

where can you find shop assistant jobs?

Shop assistant jobs can usually be found by looking in the classified ads section of your local newspaper. You can also stop into the shops you are interested in working for to fill out an application.

How much money does a buthcer make?

depends if you own your own shop or work for a company, for a company hourly rate of 11.69-20.46 yearly of 25,033- 52,219 for your own business total business sales minus tax bills and employment salary

Where can you get the pet Drudgen the Assistant in Adventure Quest Worlds?

Nulgath shop

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