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movie? or acid induced nightmare...

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What do you call a person who laughs at everything?


Who he laughs last laughs always?

He laughs who's first laughs first also.

Is it annoying if a person laughs at everything?

Yes, unless everything is really funny.

What is 'Marcus ridet quod Sextus davum semper vexat' in English?

Marcus laughs because Sextus always is annoying the slaveis the English equivalent of 'Marcus ridet quod Sextus davum semper vexat'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'Marcus' means 'Marcus, Mark'. The verb 'ridet' means '[he/she/it] does laugh, is laughing, laughs'. The conjunction 'quod' means 'because'. The noun 'Sextus' means 'Sextus'. The noun 'davum' means 'slave'. The adverb 'semper' means 'always'. The verb 'vexat' means '[he/she/it] annoys or harasses, does annoy or harass, is annoying or harassing'.

Why is Vanessa Hudgens so annoying?

Some people find Vanessa Hudgens annoying because of her high-pitched voice--when she laughs, it sounds a tinge fake.Others find her annoying because they have a hate for her because she is dating Zac Efron--the former Disney heartthrob, who starred in High school Musical.If you don't find her annoying for one of these two reasons, you might find her annoying because of her lack of acting skills--your opinion, not mine-- her attempt at a singing career, or the fact that she dress to dress boho for every occasion.Personally, her voice is what gets to me.

What group of mammals always laughs?


Pick the best moral for a fable?

he who laughs last laughs best--- Always do for yourself, for you may not be able to rely on others to do for you...

What animal is always happy?

panda of course Hyena...... laughs

Why is David Kosh and Mel Doyle from sunrise so annoying?

Mel just tries to be someone she's not. All they want to get is the ratings and they know if they put on their stupid annoying voices and laughs and all that, then they will get all the home stayers watching. mel is so annoying i can't believe it if i saw her in the street i'd knock her out

Why some people have weird laughs?

Because, everyone have unique styles in things and it is the same with laughing. Everyone has their own unique laughs.

Does SpongeBob laugh?

Spongebob always laughs and it normally gets on his neighbours' (Squidward)nerves.

What does he who laughs first laughs last mean?

The correct quotation is he who laughs last, laughs best.

What are all of the types of laughs?

loud laughs and quiet laughs

Why do people have weird laughs?

Might be because their laughs have been repressed at some point in time and they learned to force it out (that happened to me and I have a shouting laugh)

Who is Samantha in Call of Duty?

The evil girl that always laughs when the mystery box changes position

What does he who laughs first laughs last means?

The correct quotation is "he who laughs last, laughs best." Make sense now?

Why is Santa Claus laughing?

Santa Claus laughs because he is happy.

What does he who laughs last laughs laughs longest mean?

It means you like words begining with L

If a girl always look at you smiles at you touches you and laughs with you a lot does it mean she likes you?

Of course she does! Other wise she wouldn't be making the effort! And if she is smiling at you and touching you and laughs all the time she obviously wants you to like her too!

What does it mean when a girl laughs at you when you hug her or tell her that she is beautiful or sexy or pretty or cute?

When a girl laughs its probably because she's embarassed about it or nervous. Then again she might laugh because she finds it hilarious that you think she is cute or pretty.

Who laughs too much?

mom laughs to much

I am thinking of a blonde fat male comedian he performed at Just for laughs but I can't remember his name he has thinning blonde hair?

Jim carrey?

Why is Dwight D. Eisenhower on the dime?

Because he's a dime a dozen... *laughs.*

When was Jupiter Laughs created?

Jupiter Laughs was created in 1940.

When was University of Laughs created?

University of Laughs was created in 2004.