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There is nothing wrong with his eyes. He wears special-effect contact lenses for dramatic effect.

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Q: Whats wrong with Rey Misterio's eyes?
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Where to find rey misterios wall paper at?

Try google images.

Whats is sin cara to rey mysterio?

A friend

Whats rey masterio real name?

Oscar Gutierrez

What color of eyes does rey misterio have?


Which wrestler is more extreme Jeff Hardy or Rey Mysterio?

Jeff hardy by far,a 30ft swanton bomb on randy orton whats rey mysterio done like that

Why is WWE Rey Mysterio's eyes look werid?

Because it is the contacts he wears

What actors and actresses appeared in Los misterios del Hampa - 1945?

The cast of Los misterios del Hampa - 1945 includes: Cecile Abreu Gustavo Aponte Jorge Arriaga Roberto Banquells Antonio Bravo Francisco Jambrina Salvador Lozano Kiko Mendive Pepe Nava Juan Orol as Rambal Rodolfo Pimentel Jorge Rachini Blanca Rey Adela Sequeyro Amelia Wilhelmy

What color are Rey Mysterio's eyes?

brownor blue but its complicated

Who is sin caras brother?

rey mysterio Wrong Rey and Sin Cara are not related Sin Cara's brothers are Argos and Argenis

What do you thing of rey mysterio?

I think rey is my favorite superstar in the wwe i have is picture on my wall and i like his finsher the 619 he is the best superstar in my eyes, i wish i can see him so i can tell him that.

What color is rey mysterio's eyes?

Rey Mysterio's eye color is brown. He is known to wear different colored contact lenses in each eye. He is a professional wrestler.

Did rey mysterio ever play in CSI?

I think he has, In a episode of CSI called Mascara. But then i might be wrong.