Whats wrong with convenience foods?

There's nothing wrong with the fact that a food's convenient- but most convenience foods are designed to be cheap, tasty and non-perishable. As a result, the ingredients chosen for products are typically empty and have many added sugars and fats. Trans-fats are typically used because they don't spoil as readily and corn syrup is a cheap way to make your product sweet. Salt can also add a lot of "flavor" very inexpensively. Enriched wheat flour is also chosen since most people prefer the taste. Most fruits and vegetables are much too expensive to really be considered for such cheap products, and don't carry an appeal to the typical convenience-food buying consumer. As a result, the products you get might taste good, but they're mostly empty calories, trans fats, sugar and salt. While health food stores sell many healthy convenience foods, these products are much more expensive than their traditional counterparts, may have a reduced shelf life and therefore have not gained such wide of an appeal.