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Q: When did Fhazel johennesse write the African pot poem?
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Who is Fhazel Johennesse and is he alive?

Johennesse was born in Johannesburg. He was the co-editor of Wietie literary magazine in the eighties. His collection of poems is called The Rainmaker. He is still alive as far as I know

The poem called the night train by fhazel johennesse?


Analysis of the poem the night train by fhazel johennesse?

The poem is about a South African man who is traveling from Johannesburg, likely back to his home after a day of work. He sits in the third-class car, as evidenced by the green seats. Only the third class cars had green seats; upper-class train cars had blue seats. He looks around in fear, worried about his own safety on the train. As he speaks, the train car becomes a metaphor for all of South Africa and the need for safety, and his regret and his pain that his home country is no longer safe for him.

Can someone write you a poem?

Some one can certainly write to you a poem, write for you a poem or write on you in a poem or even write on you a poem, which ?

What is a you can't write a poem poem?

It is a poem which tells you that you can't write a poem. :)

How do you write a mood poem?

write how you feel in a poem

How do you write a Easter poem?

how to write a easter poem

What is an ascrotic poem?

who write the poem.

Write curley wife as a poem?

how do i write curley wife as poem

How do you write a quadruplet poem?

you have to write a poem that has 4 lines that ryime

What is the easiest poem a child can write?

they can write a haiku or a shape poem

Is the poem zulu girl by Roy Campbell an African poem?

It is a South African poem about rural life, before political emancipation in Africa.

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