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Anne also died of typhoid.

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Q: When Anne Frank sister died what happened to anne?
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What happened to Margot in Anne Frank's diary?

Margot died in Bergen-Belsen with her sister Anne.

What is Anne Franks siters name?

Margot Frank was Anne Frank's sister. She died of typhus in a concentration camp within days of Anne's death.

Who was in Anne Frank's family?

The people in Anne Frank's family were; Margot Frank - Anne's sister Edith Frank - Anne's mother Otto Frank - Anne's father. The family pet name for Otto was 'Pim'.

How old is Anne Frank's older sister?

Margot Frank was Anne Frank's older sister who died at the age of 19 in 1945

Does Anne Franks have a sister?

Yes, Anne Frank's sister's name was Margot. Margot died of typhus like Anne.

What hapend to Anne Frank and her sister?

Anne Frank and her sister both died in March 1945 due to hunger and diseases.

Why Anne Frank thought she was ugly?

Anne Frank thought she was ugly because she asked her sister if she was pretty. but her sister said that she was normal. so Anne thought she was ugly.

What is Anne Frank's family tree?

anne and margot are sister and children of Edith and otto frank.

How many sisters did Anne Frank have?

Anne Frank only had one sister, named Margot.

How many siblings Anne Frank have?

Anne Frank had one older sister named Margot

When was Anne Frank's sister's birthday?

Anne's sister, Margot, was born 16 February 1926.

What was anne franks mother-father and sister name?

Anne Frank's parents names are Otto and Edith Frank. Anne's sisters name is Margot Frank.