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in the second book when Jacob helped her fix up the moterbike and they rode them together.

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Q: When Bella realized that she loves Jacob only like a friend?
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Why does Bella punch Jacob?

Bella punches Jacob when he kisses Bella and knows that Bella only likes him as a friend and loves Edward.

Does Jacob still want to be with Bella in breaking dawn when he imprints on renesmee?

No, he just loves her as a friend.

In which chapter does Jacob say he loves Bella?

Jacob tells Bella he loves her on the last page of chapter 14.

Why is it called Jacobs theme in eclipse?

let me get it straight bella loves jacob and jacob loves bella ok

Does Bella love Jacob Black?

**Contains Spoliers** Yes, Bella Swan does love Jacob Black. But, she loves Edward Cullen more. At first, in New Moon, when Edward left, Jacob was just Bella's best friend and she loved him, in a friendly, caring way. When Jacob Black kissed her in Eclipse, although she acted up, she realized that she loved both Jacob and Edward. She realized that she even liked Jacob, in a more, sexual way. It also changed her point of view of him. But, in the end, Jacob Black becomes Bella's best friend again and Edward marries her. Edward and Bella have one half-human, half-vampire baby in which Jacob Black imprints upon because they are now destined to be together.

Does Jacob Black love Bella Swan?

Jacob loves Bella but when Jacob kisses Bella edward tries to kill him

Will Jacob and Bella be together?

No. Bella loves Jacob but she loves Edward more. Eventually Jacob falls in love with Bella's daughter so he doesn't want her anymore anyway.

Is Jacob in love with Bella and renesmee?

Jacob was in love with Bella until Bella got renesmee so Jacob loves renesmee

Why doesnt Bella go with Jacob?

Bella does not go with Jacob because Edward is Bella's life, she loves Jacob but she can't be without her vampire. Jacob tries to stop her from marrying Edward he even proves that Bella loves him because when Edward left she was left alone in darkness until she found Jacob and she calls him her "own personal sun "and when Edward comes back Bella finds that she misses her best friend.

Why edward thinks Jacob can hurt Bella?

Probably Jacob is a werewolf, but Jacob loves Bella he wouldn't hurt her.

Why did Jacob want Bella to break up with Edward?

Because Jacob loves Bella that's why

What happens to Jacob and Bella?

By the end of the last book, Breaking Dawn, Jacob and Bella continue to be friends, but Jacob no longer loves Bella.

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