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When H2O is added to acid it begins to boil due to the strong reaction between the acid and the Base (the water).

Don´t add H2O to acids add acid to water.

Water is both an acid and a base, when it is reacting with acid it becomes base and reacts with base it becomes acid.

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What liquid solution becomes red in an acid?

The Litmus solution becomes red when an acid is added in it.

What are the products of carbonic acid?

Carbonic acid (H2CO3) becomes CO2 and H2O (carbon dioxide and water).

Is H2O an acid or a base?

H2O can be either or a base or an acid. This is known as being amphiprotic, which means that this substance can either donate or accept an electron. When water donates an electron (acid) it becomes OH- and when water accepts an electron (base) it becomes H3O+.

What happens when you mix H2O and acetic acid?

Acetic acid simply becomes ionized in water (about 5% dissociation).

Which is the stronger acid H2O or HF?

HF becomes ionized in water but water in HF does not so HF is stronger acid.

What happens when hydrochloric acid is added to solid magnesium oxide?

MgCl2 & H2O will form. MgO + 2 HCl ==> MgCl2 + H2O

Conjugate acid of H2O?

The conjugate acid of H2O is H3O+

What will be the product if a nonmetallic oxide is added to water?

it makes an acid for example CO2 + H2O --> H2CO3

What happens when dilute hydrochloric acid is added to zinc oxide?

When dilute hydrochloric acid is added to zinc oxide Zinc chloride and water are produced. ZnO + 2HCl ------> ZnCl2 + H2O

What acid would be added to limestone to form calcium chloride?

CaCO3 + 2HCl --> CaCl2 + CO2 + H2O Hydrochloric acid, of course. (HCl)

What is the conjugate acid of H2O?

The conjugate acid of H2O is H3o^1+

What happens when neutral solution is added to acid?

when a neutral solution is added in an acid then that solution becomes also acidic.. but remember that never mix any solution [neutral or water] to acid just mix acid to them..

What is the reaction when sulphuric acid is added to calcium carbonate?

The reaction is:CaCO3 + H2SO4 = CaSO4 + CO2 + H2O

When an Acid is dissolved in water what ion does the water form?

When an acid is added to water it produces hydronium ion along with acid radical. Example= for hydrobromic acidH2O + HBr ---> H3O+ + Br-

The acid form of CO2 plus H2O?

The "acid" form of CO2 and H2O is H2CO3, carbonic acid.

What salt is made when sodium hydroxide is added to hydrochloric acid?

If Sodium hydroxide is added to Hydrochloric acid the reaction will produce Sodium chloride (common salt) and water.NaOH + HCl = NaCl + H2O

What happens if phenolphthalein solution is added in hydrochloric acid?

Because Hydrochloric acid is an acid, phenolphthalein would be clear. In bases Phenolphtlalein becomes pink

What happens when casein is added to hcl?

When casein is added to HCl, it becomes a precipitate. It does this because of a process called acid coagulation.

Which is the weaker acid HSO4 or H2O?

h2o, because h2so4 is a strong acid and h2o is actually neutral (pH of 7)

What is the chemical reaction when chromic acid is added to water?

Equation: H2CrO4 + H2O <=> H3O+ + HCrO4- <=> H3O+ + CrO42-

What happens when sodium bicarbonate is added to hydrochloric acid?

The chemical reaction is:NaHCO3 + HCl = NaCl + CO2 + H2O

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